With the growing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection, we are using LED lights more and more in lighting design. LED market is currently a mixed bag of good and bad, the manufacturers and businesses, are pushing, force blowing their own products. So what do you know about led linear batten sell?

The selection of LED lamps includes appearance, heat dissipation, light distribution, glare, installation, etc. We don't talk about lamp parameters today, only talk about the light source: you really will choose a good LED light source? The main parameters of the light source are: current, power, light flux, light decay, light color, color rendering.

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Mistake one, the expectation of actual service life is too high.

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But, like all basic light sources, the luminous flux lumens of leds decay with time. Therefore, although the LED glow time can be very long, LED lumen attenuation is affected by many environmental conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and ventilation. Lumen attenuation is also affected by controls, thermal management, current levels, and many other electrical design considerations.

Mistake two, the actual luminous Angle as the effective Angle.

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The luminous Angle of LED is divided into effective Angle and actual luminous Angle. The Angle between the direction of the luminous intensity value half of the axial intensity value and the luminous axis is the effective Angle. The half value Angle of 2 times the Angle of view is the actual luminous Angle. Angles beyond half the axial intensity are not counted as effective angles in practice because the light is too weak.

Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the actual luminous Angle of products when purchasing products. When calculating the number of products used in engineering, the actual luminous Angle shall prevail. The effective luminous Angle can only be used as a reference value.

Myth three, the greater the power, the higher the brightness.

led linear batten sell misunderstanding

The luminance of LED is measured by luminescence intensity, which refers to the luminescence intensity in the direction of normal line (for cylindrical luminescent tube, it refers to its axis), that is, the luminous flux emitted by unit solid Angle, the unit is candlelight. As the general LED light intensity is small, so the intensity of light is often used as a unit of millicandela. Generally speaking, the light source will radiate its luminous flux in different directions with different intensities. The intensity of visible light radiation emitted by unit solid Angle in a specific direction is called light intensity, or axial brightness for short.

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