With regard to sex dolls, we are reflecting on the fact that the gap between humans and dolls is closing. How possible is it to have a deep and intimate relationship with an artificial lover? Is it feasible if these lovers are beautifully designed, look human, and have a faint sense of empathy and intelligence?

Is 3D printing the standard for mass-produced TPE dolls? It is possible. What we now know is that SexDollTech has proven that sex dolls can be mass-produced and retailed at affordable prices while looking more realistic than ever.

Surprisingly, however, that's not what she said." We believe there will always be a demand and market for human sex workers, as it is considered one of the oldest professions in the world," the spokesperson told us, perhaps inadvertently echoing other large companies that support automated workers". We don't expect it to be replaced any time soon."
These are interesting and difficult technical issues.

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Those who are busy creating creative doll partners want humans to have a real emotional relationship with their sex dolls. It then announced expansion into the United States and plans to oversee its planned brothel in Houston, Texas, while an American sex doll prostitute called "Dream" tries to raise funds to open in California.