Amazon Freight forwarder made in China FBA final service has its own professional customs clearance team, which can be pre-cleared and delivered quickly Direct delivery is usually in the form of express delivery, truck, or your own delivery method. Generally, you need to make an appointment in advance. If the delivery time is limited, the express delivery is faster. You can choose the delivery method according to one of your own needs. Third-party overseas warehouses or self-operated warehouses are generally transported to designated overseas warehouses by trucks and self-owned logistics. When the Amazon warehouse needs to replenish the goods, it can let the third-party overseas warehouse or self-operated warehouse carry out the FBA transit to replenish the goods. Our company has self-operated warehouses in the UK and local warehouses in Europe, providing you with a variety of options. Specifically, you need to consider your own needs and choose which FBA final delivery channel is better. We can provide you with corresponding suggestions, and provide corresponding solutions and services according to your goods and needs. If your goods are time-critical, it is better to choose express delivery. Third-party overseas warehouses and self-operated warehouses are also a good choice. What is the difference between shipping warehouse and overseas warehouse? Our shipping warehouse is mainly responsible for the operation of the goods in our LCL or FCL containers sent to the UK and Germany, including from Shenzhen, China to the UK or Germany, picking up containers in UK or German ports, clearing customs in our shipping warehouse, and distributing them. Goods, according to the needs of customers for warehousing and distribution services. Overseas warehouse refers to the related work of drop shipping, transit, Amazon return and label replacement, and warehousing of goods that have already been overseas. Amazon Freight forwarder made in China website: