In the fields mice help control insects that interfere in the growth of crops and pants and at the same also become food for predators like owls and bob casts. Naturally they are part of the food chain that enables life beings survive and thrive. When there is shortage food to eat from the food chain outside they barge in to human homes to get it. Unfortunately they are thankless to human as they set about damaging and destroying household items, home structure and spreading deadly diseases. North America has its share of rodents in the form of House Mouse, Deer Mouse, Norway rats and White Footed Mouse and they mostly get indoors when outside grows cold during winter. After making their way into your interior they seek hidden and secretive places to build nests and give birth to babies. Mice have fantastic reproductive rates and a couple of mice can become a colony of 100 or more mice within a year. You need to curb this in the very start or your home will be teeming with rats and mice that you cannot control. Your best chance to eradicate the mice infestation is to call experts like BBPP, professional mice control service Maple and for nearby towns and get rid of them for good.

Mice presence can be highly disturbing

Mice can make you tense and lose your composure when you see the mayhem they can cause with your household items. They will eat your food and waste them by spilling on the floor and contaminate them by urinating on them. They will also leave their droppings on the food thus pave the way for germinating deadly diseases like Hantavirus, LCMV, Salmonellosis, rat-bite-fever, plague etc. these are diseases that have no cure if not attended immediately by emergency medical help.

Mice contaminate food and home surfaces

They will not allow you to sleep as they roam the length and breadth of your house with absolute freedom. Their activities are mostly during nights because they are nocturnal and they will rip in to your food pockets, cereals, fruits, nuts, bird seeds, cattle feeds etc. they mostly target your kitchen, dining area and food storage and will ensure that they get their fill while leaving your home in tatters. Mice is highly contagious as it leaves behind trails of droppings, urine stains, hair and saliva and you will also find smudges of mice body grease along the wall which they use as runways. You will hear strange sounds coming from above your head as well as below the floor boards as they jostle and screech while they are in the process of hunting food. It can be highly disturbing because you will feel absolutely helpless in front of these small creatures that are not visible to your eyes. Mice build nests in most secretive places and will disappear before you could focus on the creature. 

These are serious consequences that will leave you poor by several thousand dollars and a highly disturbed mind. Letting them live any longer may result in to more food damage, property damage, and health damage and a head packed with tension and anxiety. It may not be possible for you to catch them if the infestation is more than what you have assumed. Your best bet to get rid of them is to call BBPP, the best Maple Pest Control Service, and you can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or and get a free quote.