Ceramic cylinder pots are hand-painted and have a modern, minimalist and stylish design. This ceramic flower pot can be matched with various styles of home, whether it is modern simplicity, Nordic style, warm pastoral style can be easily controlled.

We have a variety of patterns: vertical pattern, triangle pattern, horizontal pattern, wave pattern. The round ceramic flower pot is made of high-temperature pigments on dry adobe. After hand-painting, a transparent glaze is applied, and it is fired at a high temperature.

Ceramic Cylinder Pots Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ceramic products, we provide European-style ceramic cylinder pots with various patterns.

This ceramic planter has an on-glaze applique process and is fired into the finished product. Reinforced white porcelain to make high-temperature pigment flower paper, hand-applied on the white porcelain, and baked in the kiln.