Stratview Research publishes a new report titled Small Satellites Market which is segmented by Type (Minisatellite, Microsatellite, Nanosatellite, and Picosatellite), Application Type (Earth Observation, Technology Development, Communications, and Scientific), Operator Type (Commercial, Government, Civil, and Military), and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World).

Market Insights

The small satellites market grew from USD 763.7mn in 2017 to USD 4657.0 million in 2022, exhibiting a growth of 500%. Also, it estimates that in the coming 5 years, the market will reach USD 8,456.3 million, almost double what it is in the year 2022. 

Miniaturized satellites having a wet mass of under 500 KG are considered under the small satellites category. The weight of the small satellites varies as per the components and sensors installed in them. These satellites have a shorter development team and cycles; thus, can be developed and launched at a lower cost in comparison to traditional large satellites.

The number of small satellites launched in the past few years has surged substantially owing to its low cost, easier launch vehicle integration, and technological developments. SpaceX’s robust plan of launching about 12,000 satellites in the Starlink constellation, of which half of them are targeted to be launched by end of 2024, is signalling a highly optimistic near-term outlook of the industry, especially of small satellite ones.

Key players active in the market –

The following are some of the key players in the Small Satellites Market:

  • SpaceX
  • OneWeb Satellites
  • Planet Labs Inc.
  • Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Kepler Communications Inc.
  • Satellogic
  • Spire Global
  • Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL)
  • Swarm Technologies, Inc.

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