Accompanied by cranky thoughts in her mind, Jiang Xinyan mechanically followed the team all the way forward until. What do you want, little girl? Hello! Did you hear me? The loud voice of the dish aunt in the canteen startled her. Jiang Xinyan looked at the dishes in the window, most of them are vegetarian dishes, meat and meat are very few. Accustomed to eating dishes with good color, fragrance and taste, she saw that these vegetarian dishes were vegetarian, while the so-called meat dishes were fried minced meat with green vegetables, more vegetables and less meat, almost no oil and water, and looking at the dishes that did not look very good, she almost lost her appetite. But it was all here, and she had to continue working in the afternoon, and there was not much time to rest at noon, so it was impossible for her to cook again. After thinking about it, let's make do with it. Ordered two vegetables and one meat, a total cost of 50 cents, this is mainly expensive meat dishes, but in Jiang Xinyan's view, it is too cheap. In her previous life, she had lived for so many years, but she had never eaten a meal that cost 50 cents. That is, the taste of the meal was ordinary. It was full of color, fragrance and taste,fine bubble diffuser, but it had no color, fragrance and taste. But Jiang Xinyan, adhering to the principle of not wasting, still ate all the food. We are curious about a lot of things before we try them, but after we try them, we will feel that they are just so so, just like the food in the dining hall of the educated youth, in fact, it is still the food in the canteen,MBR reactor, and the big pot rice is still the big pot rice, which can not be fried. After eating this meal, Jiang Xinyan decided that she would simply work hard to cook by herself. When they came, each of them was given 30 catties of grain, two taels of oil and two taels of salt. It's not much, but it's enough to last a while if you save a little, and she came with a few hundred yuan and some cans and other miscellaneous things. It's not a busy time yet, so everyone can have a rest after lunch. Jiang Xinyan is not a lazy person, but her body is so delicate that she doesn't feel it in the morning, and when she relaxes, she feels pain. There were several blisters in the palm of her hand, which she had not found, but felt a little itchy, then scratched with her nails, accidentally scratched the blisters, and immediately became itchy and painful. Hey! Jiang Xinyan sighed, thinking that her jade hands were worth millions of yuan in those days. She used them carefully maintained every day. They were white and slippery. They looked better than the hands of people playing the piano. But now they can only be used to pull weeds and plant land. Alas! Feel sorry for your baby for three seconds first. Jiang Xinyan brought back the herbs, rapid sand filters ,disc air diffuser, according to what she had said before, took half of them to the canteen, and generally dried them by herself. When she went to put it away in the evening, she found that all the herbs had been thrown on the ground. Seeing a mess of herbs on the ground, I had a heart attack. Who did she provoke? If you don't like her, you can tell her face to face. It's really shady to play tricks behind her back. After getting angry, she picked up the herbs on the ground with an expressionless face. After several days of hard work, Jiang Xinyan finally could not stand it, but she did not expect that she did not fall down, Wang Liping fell down first, because of the heat. Whether out of humanitarianism or Wang Liping's good relationship with her before, Jiang Xinyan was a little anxious to hear that she fainted. Although they were the relationship between the heroine and the heroine, she did not intend to follow the line of the plot, and the possibility of them becoming enemies was greatly reduced. So after Wang Liping fainted, Jiang Xinyan felt nothing. Because Wang Liping was dizzy with heat, Jiang Xinyan took the cordate Houttuynia she had picked before and went to find some dicotyledonum, and cooked some cold water to clear heat and detoxify the fever. Jiang Xinyan while giving Wang Liping medicine, while in the heart Tucao, the heroine of this book, people clearly take the diligent and tenacious route to get rich, how in reality is the body soft and easy to faint? I always feel that the heroine has taken the wrong script. "" Wang Liping woke up leisurely on the bed, and her eyes were full of confusion. Jiang Xinyan? Her tone and expression showed surprise. Holding his head, after a while, he explained, "I'm sorry, Xinyan, I just fell asleep.". What's the date today? In fact, what she wants to ask is what year, what month and what date this year is. Jiang Xinyan looked at her own Wang Liping with complex emotions, feeling that she was a little different from the original character of Wang Liping in temperament. Although subtle, Jiang Xinyan still felt that Wang Liping, who woke up again, was not only a little more strange and alienated to herself, but also gave people the feeling that she was much more mature. It seems that the woman is reborn, but suddenly, I don't know which year she has been reborn. You're not really sick, are you? This year is October 15, 1975! It's a pity that we've only been in the countryside for a few days. Why are you so sick that you forget all the days? Jiang Xinyan said this on purpose, and she was not prepared to tell the woman that she was not the secret of the original owner. And she is the protagonist, at this time to sell a good sell, even if she had ordered the woman before, but she also gave the woman a lot of things. Although what she gave was what she didn't like, she really didn't want to spend the money to buy it for the woman's family conditions. At this time, Wang Liping's heart was also very complicated. She remembered that Jiang Xinyan did not go to the countryside with her in her previous life, and they had no contact since she went to the countryside as an educated youth. At that time, like Jiang Xinyan, her grades were not very good when she was studying. There were many children in her family, and her parents preferred boys to girls. They always said what was the use of girls studying? You might as well get married early. In her last life, she was weak and easy to bully, and the only thing she didn't give in to was going to school. At that time, she begged them for a long time before they agreed to let her finish high school, and they only paid her tuition fees, and she had to earn her own living expenses. But she was still a student at that time,Wall Penstocks, and she couldn't make money at all. Even if she sewed and mended for people at ordinary times, she could only earn one or two yuan a month at most. So she was very frugal in school at ordinary times. A coarse grain steamed bread had to be managed for a day. If she was too hungry, she could only drink more water to satisfy her hunger.