Shangguan Ruoli was hurt by yuan Hao's words. He snorted coldly, "Don't think you can fool me by wearing a mask and changing your voice!"! I think you see more completely! "Ahem!"! All right! Get out of here now! yuan Hao coughed awkwardly and lowered his voice. Didn't you ask me to put things back? "I just let myself put things down, and now I'm leaving right now?"? Why should I listen to you? "I hear a fight here!" The footsteps are getting closer. yuan Hao's eyes flashed a touch of helplessness, "put it back too late, go quickly!" Holding her slender waist, she jumped up, like a ROC spreading its wings and escaping into the vast night. On the street, there was chaos, and officers and soldiers and police officers ran all over the street with torches. When Shangguan Ruoli knew that something had happened to the inn, he snorted. Foreign emissaries were robbed in the inn and the palace was stolen. This time the emperor and the prince were busy. If a foreign messenger cannot die, can he not be half dead? The two men hid in the shadow of an eave, waiting for the officers and soldiers and the police to pass by. Suddenly, the voice of Mo Wen came, "Your Highness, King Xuan, has arrived!" Shangguan Ruo's heart tightened and looked sideways like yuan Hao beside him. "Aren't you Dongming Ziyu?!" Chapter 155 who touched it? yuan Hao snorted coldly, noncommittal. Shangguan Ruoli looked at yuan Hao suspiciously. Could it be that her judgment was wrong? yuan Hao's temperament is different from that of Dongming Ziyu. yuan Hao's eyes are not as cold as Dongming Ziyu's, and his words seem to be more than Dongming's. In addition, yuan Hao has a kind of heroic spirit of a chivalrous person in Jianghu, while Dongming Ziyu has long been arrogant and noble in a high position. However, these,lamella tube, for a camouflage high, are not difficult. Moreover, Dongming Ziyu that pervert, can kill five brides, perhaps is a fine point. In a word, in a word, she could not see the evidence, did not want to deny her judgment,multi disc screw press, and looked in the direction of Mo's voice. I saw Dongming Ziyu's unique luxury carriage driving over, the night wind blew up the curtain of the window, revealing Dongming Ziyu's beautiful side face. Because it was far away and dark, the torches of the guards running back and forth made his face bright and dark, and he could not see it clearly. I'll take a closer look! Shangguan if from get up, will jump out. yuan Hao grabbed him, "OK, you're going to die!"! You are carrying something on your back. If you let him know that you stole the thousand-year-old snow lotus and the thousand-year-old Cynomorium songaricum to cause trouble for him, can you be spared? "Causing trouble?" Shangguan Ruoli's obsidian eyes dripped around. This guy is so smart, guess that she stole this thing is to negotiate with Dongming Ziyu? yuan Hao explained lightly, "The emperor is already afraid of him. Now that the palace has lost the elixir, the emperor must be the first to suspect that he did it.". "The emperor will put a bunch of charges on him and order him to be beheaded directly." "No?" Although Shangguan Ruoli didn't want to marry Dongming Ziyu, he really didn't want him to die. What do you think yuan Hao stared at her eyes, "reluctant to give up?" Shangguan Ruoli gave him a white look and said sourly, fine bubble diffuser ,Rotating sludge scraper, "Are you reluctant to part with me?"? Does it have anything to do with you? You're not who I am! She knew that the royal family had no father and son, and that Lao Tzu killed his son, which was normal in the royal family. Why don't I put it back? "It's too late!" yuan Hao pulled her. Timely in the carriage came the voice of Dongming Ziyu: "The palace has been stolen, and the whole city is under martial law." The voice seemed to have a very small difference, Shangguan Ruoli wanted to distinguish carefully again, but he never spoke again. Shangguan Ruoli frowned doubtfully. "How did Dongming Ziyu, who cherishes words like gold, give orders himself?"? By rights, shouldn't you ask about the endorsement? "All right!"! Go home quickly! Otherwise, people will be in trouble if they find you out of the house! yuan Hao finished, not allowing Shangguan Ruoli to speak, he took her waist and left the hiding place. Shangguan Ruoli beat him, "Hey!"! I haven't seen the appearance of Dongming Ziyu yet. !” "If you want to see it, go to Xuanwangfu tomorrow!" There was a little pleasure in yuan Hao's voice. Two people in the wind, Shangguan Ruoli found that the bamboo fragrance on his body was gone, and the man's elegant body fragrance came into his nose. How did the smell of your body change? yuan Hao explained lightly, "I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone else. You don't need incense for your clothes.". Who let some people, like puppies, recognize people with their noses. ” It turned out to be because of incense, but also, incense is like a woman's incense powder, the taste is so few, it is not impossible to hit the taste. Uh Shangguan Ruoli noticed that his words were inappropriate and said angrily, "You are the puppy!" He wanted to pinch the soft flesh on his waist, but found that the man was so lean that he had no fat at all. Dissolved Gas Flotation, if you cry and want to marry me, I won't let you! Try it if you don't believe me! If he really dares to try, she really will. Agree