Originally, there were several private banks in the northwest region, most of which were semicolons of large private banks from the imperial capital and the south of the Yangtze River. With the expansion of the northwest region, especially after North Luzon was brought into the jurisdiction of the northwest, the financial forces from the empire began to pay attention to the new territory in the westernmost part of the empire. Rich in natural resources and good water and heat conditions, it is a good place to develop industry, mining and tropical cash crops. Not only the financial forces of the Empire peep at this hot land, but also the financial forces of the Grand Duchy of Luzon are optimistic about it. With the introduction of preferential conditions to stimulate the economic development of North Luzon, the whole North Luzon has become a fertile land for entrepreneurship and home ownership. Whether it is the mining of iron ore and coal, or the rapid increase and expansion of the number and scale of sugar plantations, tobacco plantations and coffee plantations, whether it is the slave trade business or the wood processing industry, all of them show a vigorous scene in the ascendant, and the two autonomous governments are also free to build, expand and rebuild urban facilities. The whole North Luzon is like a huge construction site. Such a large-scale construction and development industry is in urgent need of the entry of the financial industry. In addition to Datong Bank from the northwest, Wanfeng Bank in the imperial capital and Jinling Bank and Jiangdong Bank in the south of the Yangtze River have all entered North Luzon, while Luzon Bank in Grand Duchy of Luzon is also actively applying to open a branch in Vito, but it has not been approved by the northwest. In the early stage, Wufeng generally welcomed the financial forces from all over the Northwest and even North Luzon, whether in the Northwest or North Luzon, under the circumstances at that time, the Northwest had little financial resources to support and accelerate the economic development of all parts of the country. The entry of foreign financial forces can greatly alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of funds in industry, commerce, mining and planting in Northwest and North Luzon, and Wufeng takes the form of government decrees requiring financial units in Northwest China to invest a certain proportion of credit lines in non-cash crop planting and housing loans for ordinary immigrants every year, and limits them. Those who fail to meet this standard will be punished, which makes those financial forces quite dissatisfied,Lamella Plate Settler, but in view of the development prospects of the Northwest, they still accept the conditions of the Northwest. However, with the development of the situation, Wufeng also found some problems, with the gradual deepening of foreign financial forces, the impact of these financial forces on local areas has gradually emerged, such as although there are restrictions, but the nature of financial capital profit-seeking makes them more willing to tend to the development of cash crops, mining and mining. Such as infrastructure construction and irrigation and water conservancy facilities for a long time and low interest loan projects, even if the local government came forward to guarantee them, they are not willing to borrow, which makes Wufeng very dissatisfied, but in view of the principle of free lending prevailing in the mainland, he is not easy to attack, disc air diffuser ,Belt Filter Press, so he has to think of another solution. The great victory of the Western Expedition of the Punjabi made Wufeng win a lot of money. Tens of millions of gold, silver and hard currency poured into the Northwest Treasury, which not only brought the Northwest Finance back to life on the verge of bankruptcy, but also brought a great opportunity for the development of Xi'an. In addition to increasing strategic reserves and expanding investment in infrastructure, there is still a considerable surplus of funds left idle in the Treasury. Therefore, Xiao Tang Xiang Wufeng proposed the establishment of the Northwest Bank, which, on the one hand, could be used as an ordinary commercial bank to make profits from loans and investments, and on the other hand, laid the foundation for the central bank (Northwest Central Bank) in the northwest region. Xiao Tang's plan, like the new Northwest Smelting Mint, was approved by Wu Feng, who asked Xiao Tang to seize the time to complete the work and strive for the early listing of the Northwest Bank. Back to adults, has been almost carried out, but there are still some shortages in the hands of operators, Northwest University has not set up special courses on finance and credit, mostly general financial courses, subordinates feel that Northwest University should set up such courses, can also train some specialized talents for us. Xiao Tang sighed and answered, knowing that Wu Feng did not want to talk about the issue of children any more, and intentionally diverted the topic. "Well, I can ask Principal Qin Tieliu to consider this, but I estimate that there are not many people like this who are proficient in finance in the Empire. If you want to hire a teacher, I'm afraid you have to go to the western mainland to hire him with a high salary. The Empire has lagged behind the western mainland in this respect. When I traveled in the western continent, I felt that they were already ahead of us in this respect.". So even if it's a high salary, we have to invite a few people. In addition, it seems that James has some knowledge about this aspect. We might as well let the university open this course first. We can let James be a guest teacher to give lectures, so that students can have a perceptual knowledge first. Wu Feng agreed with Xiao Tang that he had seen the highly developed financial industry in the western continent when he was traveling in the western continent. Banks and banks were everywhere, far from the central and eastern continents, so he had a deep understanding. Well, what the adult said is that it takes more than a day or two to cultivate talents on the one hand, so it needs to be arranged as soon as possible. In fact, not only in finance, but also in some disciplines such as prospecting, mining, smelting, mathematics, astronomy, painting and sculpture, the western continent is far ahead of our eastern and central continents. My subordinates suggest that we can send more recruitment groups to the western continent. We can also benefit from more efforts to recruit scholars who are committed to education and academic research, let them come here to train talents for us, and at the same time provide them with favorable conditions to continue their research. The extension of Su Qin took into account the all-round development of the whole northwest. Well, Su Qin is right. We can't just limit ourselves to the current scale. Now that we have a certain economic foundation, we can expand the scope and depth of recruitment. Anything that is beneficial to us can be recruited. This can be arranged by the Department of Culture,filter nozzle, Education and Health. Of course, we have to be careful not to let those who are single-minded in preaching come to us, and we don't welcome them. Wu Feng also went on to say that he was very vigilant against those missionaries from the western continent and took extremely strict restrictive measures. khnwatertreatment.com