Liu Yan immediately said, "There are many people who come here to enjoy plum blossoms today. They all enjoy snow and write poems in the pavilion of Banpo. I heard from Xiuchun class that Brother Ye and Sister Su came and came to play with you." Ye Chang shook his head, "Nuaner is tired. I'll accompany her back to the house to rest and you can play." Liu Yan immediately collapsed his face, "isn't Sister Su all right?" Su Feng said with a warm smile, "not yet, walk a few steps, then very tired." Liu Yan Wen Yan immediately said, "in that case, sister Su quickly went back to the house to rest." He said to Ye Chang, "Brother Ye, I can't get away. I haven't gone to Pingjun Wangfu to see Brother Qi Shu yet. If you see him, say hello for me first." Ye Chang nodded, "good." Liu Yan gets out of the way. Ye Chang pulled Su Fengnuan to the carriage down the hill. The two of them had just taken a few steps when the voice of Hsu Ling-yi came from behind them. "Ye Shih-tzu, Miss Su, please stay!" Ye Chang did not want to pay attention to Xu Lingyi, but Su Fengnuan stopped and looked back at Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi with a little girl, must be Chen Zhi-ran, white and clean, very thin, a pair of eyes like a deer, so that people feel pity. Xu Lingyi stepped forward, slightly bent his knees to Ye Chang, and gave Ye Chang a standard boudoir ceremony. Ye Chang glanced at her, expressionless and silent. Xu Lingyi was not annoyed either. He straightened up and said to Su Fengnuan,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, "Miss Su, I know you have excellent medical skills. Last time at the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, you felt my pulse and prescribed a prescription for me. I used it very well. But recently I feel quite sleepy and unspeakable. Can you feel my pulse and prescribe a prescription for me again?" Su Fengnuan did not expect her to ask for this, and immediately thought that if she did not understand the hatred of the spring breeze, it would also be the moment when the whole body was poisoned and those who touched it would die. It turned out that Xu Lingyi's plan was, as the Elder Martial Brother said, not to kill Ye Chang together, but to kill her? Ye Chang Wen Yan also thought of, suddenly cold face,pallet rack shelving, fundus surges with a trace of killing, sneer, "if Miss Xu is ill, you can go to the hospital to find a doctor, when my fiancee is your doctor?"? Don't think too highly of yourself. Xu Lingyi's face changed. Su Fengnuan felt Ye Chang's intention to kill, if Xu Lingyi aimed at him, now she hated the spring breeze solution, Ye Chang looked at Xu Yunchu's face and was too lazy to pay attention to her, that's all. But now that she was the one who saw her, he naturally had the intention to kill. She was really afraid that he would kill Xu Lingyi, so she reached out and pulled his sleeve. Ye Chang looked down at Su Fengnuan and saw her shaking her head slightly at him. He turned to Xu Lingyi with a cold face and said, "Xu Lingyi, I warn you, don't make waves. Even if I die, I won't like you." When the words fell, he picked up Su Fengnuan at the waist and walked to the carriage. As soon as Xu Lingyi's body trembled, warehouse storage racks ,shuttle rack system, he bit his lip and looked at Ye Chang to pick up Su Fengnuan. Su Fengnuan's soft appearance, in his arms, felt at ease. Her eyes hurt like a needle. She couldn't stand it. She took a step forward and said, "Ye Shizi, are you so inhuman?"? Everyone knows that the doctor of the hospital is not as good as Miss Su. You don't like me, I know, and I don't ask you to like me. I just want Miss Su to help me.. Before she had finished speaking, Ye Chang was too lazy to listen. With a sudden brush of her sleeve, a gust of wind swept Xu Lingyi away. Xu Lingyi had no martial arts, so he could not stand the gentle sweep of Ye Chang. His body was like a kite with a broken line. He was knocked out of the snow several feet away. With a "bang", he lay on the snow and smashed a snowflake. Su Fengnuan was startled. Ye Chang hugged Su Fengnuan tightly and looked at Xu Lingyi, who was beaten by him in the snow, with his eyes like ice. He did not pity her and disdained her. "Even if my fiancee's medical skills are higher than those of the people in the hospital, not all cats and dogs are qualified to let her see a doctor.". It was the emperor who opened the door last time, otherwise she could see you? Go back and look in the mirror and see who you are? Without your brother, you would have died many times. Today I will look at Xu Yunchu's face again and spare you again. If there is a next time, I will let you die in my hands. Xu Lingyi was thrown very painful, covered with snow, lying on the ground, looking at Ye Chang, for a moment can no longer speak. After Ye Chang put down his cruel words, he stopped looking at her and got into the carriage with Su Fengnuan in his arms. Liu Yan stood not far away and was shocked by this scene. Although he knew that Ye Chang was not a person who took pity on women, he would never hit a woman. But today, he opened his eyes, did not expect him to hit Miss Guozhang impolitely. It was clear that he really valued Miss Su very much, and even when Miss Hsu asked Miss Su to feel her pulse, he felt that it was an insult to her. He sighed, looking at Xu Lingyi's discomfited appearance, not knowing whether to help her or not, after all, men and women are different. Chen Zhi-ran was also frightened, shocked for a moment before waking up, hurriedly ran over to help Xu Lingyi. Without waiting for her to come near, Xu Lingyi waved to her and said, "I can get up without your help." When the words fell, she clenched her teeth and struggled to stand up with hatred in her eyes. After Ye Chang and Su Fengnuan got into the carriage, the guards of Rong An's mansion escorted the carriage away. She stared at it for a moment and suddenly laughed. Liu Yan opened his eyes wide, thinking that the young lady of Guozhang Mansion had lost her mind? It's like this, and you're still laughing. Xu Lingyi smiled, patted the snow on his body, gathered his scattered hair, and turned to look at Liu Yan. When Liu Yan saw her, he covered his eyes awkwardly and said hurriedly, "I didn't see anything." Xu Lingyi looked at Liu Yan and said with a smile, "Even if you see it, it's nothing. If he doesn't kill me today, I'll make him regret it later." The words fell, and she turned to her carriage. Chen hurriedly followed her. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- The monthly ticket seems to have been blown up. Girls who have saved tickets in their hands, let's go after them! Moh! Chapter 43 finally understand. Liu Yan looked at the carriage of Guozhang Mansion after the carriage of Rong Anwangfu out of Xuemeiling, Xu Lingyi that sentence recalled in his mind, let him shiver excitedly, thinking that this matter must be told to brother Ye, let him guard against a little Xu Lingyi in the future,metal racking systems, in his view, that woman can not get brother Ye, afraid to lose heart crazy.