Fifteen miles away, as expected, there was a temple at the mouth of a ditch. In front of the temple was a huge pond. I went in to burn incense and make a wish. I sat in front of the mountain gate and watched the pilgrims in twos and threes. They were all holding turtles in a bamboo plate and carrying them to the main hall. After a while, they went to the pond again. It turned out that they were going to release them. He grabbed one of the liberators and asked why there were so many turtles? Answer: There are a lot of turtle sellers on the left slope of the mountain gate. In the provincial capital, the turtle soup in the restaurant is a famous dish. Most of the turtles are artificially raised. Of course, the turtles in the mountainous areas are wild, but where are there so many turtles for sale? From the mountain gate to the left, I went down a slow slope, but I saw a lot of grocery stalls, mostly selling incense, watches and small pendants engraved with Maitreya Buddha statues. There were four shops specializing in selling turtles. So many turtles! I say Buy one and release it. You'll live longer! Said a woman selling turtles. Where do all the turtles come from? "Catch it." "Where did you catch it?" "The pool." "Why are there so many turtles in the pond?" The woman looked at me with a bad look on her face and said, "Do you want to buy? If you don't want to buy, please don't block the counter." Next to someone waved to me, I went over, he said: "What pool,industrial racking systems, release pool!"! During the day, there are people who buy turtles to release them, and at night they bring them back and sell them. Is that how they make money? I am suddenly enlightened, do not understand however this kind of thing the bonze in the temple is not in charge of, the old man says: "The bonze also must have a meal!" After sighing for a long time, I looked up and saw my head sweating on the slow slope. When I saw it,heavy duty metal racking, I complained, "Why did you come here?"! Look at me. What is this? Around his neck hung a piece of jade of very poor quality, on which was carved a Tathagata. How much is it? "You should say please." "Please." Can we switch? He was looking for the golden jade that my uncle left me. "You want to be beautiful!" I said, no, give it to him. We walked north along the ditch, and the topic has been around Jin Xiangyu. I said that the fragrant imperial concubine in the ancient legend, in fact, where there is incense, is wearing this kind of jade. Rotten head says however you still are fastidious is city person, you do not understand, the person that has natural fragrance really. He had seen two strange women in his life. One was fragrant below, industrial racking systems ,automated warehouse systems, and the other was like a chrysanthemum petal, which was very tight. I scold him: "You deserve to have a headache!" Not wanting to be scolded, he really had a headache and quickly swallowed two pieces of "Fenbid" and let Cuihua comb her head for a while. The ditch was getting deeper and deeper, and there were fewer and fewer people. There was a kind of flying insect like a cow flying around us. Strangely, the flying insect did not bite me, but was bitten by a few red pimples on his back. He pulled out a handful of grass and kept beating it, saying that the flying insect never bit your uncle. Why didn't it bite you? I said the flying insects are all female flying insects! He laughed and said that his uncle could do anything, but he couldn't do anything to women. He didn't touch women. He didn't even look at them. If he wanted to touch them, he would really do it. Wouldn't that make people tired to death? He put everything into it, but it didn't work out. He was afraid when he saw a woman! Passing by a hillside, beside a pile of graves and a dense forest, there were three or five families, low-walled huts and fenced courtyards. There were women and children carrying bowls of sea soup to cook potatoes. The potatoes were not sliced. They were as big as children's fists. When they ate them, they all opened their eyes wide and choked their necks. Seeing us passing by, they all knocked on the edge of the bowl with chopsticks and shouted, "Come and eat!" I waved to greet, but the dog barked like a leopard, and pounced all the way. I regretted that my uncle had gone, and Fugui had gone, and I was bullied by these local dogs for no reason. After the head broke off behind me, I knocked over one of them with the barrel of a gun, but three or four of them were still in hot pursuit. The child who was eating came over and scolded us. We had already set foot on a single-plank bridge of a stream. The child clamped the leading dog between his legs and said, "Come to eat. Why did you leave?" In front of the ditch, there was a honey locust tree growing alone on the beam, but there were nine kinds of leaves on the tree. Perhaps because of the strangeness of the tree, there was a collapsed earth temple in front of the tree, and a tablet beside the wall, which was dilapidated. It could be seen faintly that "Spring, River" did not understand its meaning. Rotten head and I sat down to eat dry food, Cuihua climbed up the honey locust tree, picked a dry honey locust and threw it down, hit Rotten head's head, then picked a dry honey locust and threw it down and hit me on the shoulder, I said: Cuihua, Cuihua, I'll kill you! Cuihua proudly washed her face on the branch,heavy duty cantilever racks, but her rotten head cried, "look, secretary!".