Feng Jingming suddenly tightened his hand, his strength was great, and this kiss was not like the calm and sweet kiss of the past, but like a sudden storm sweeping through her, as if he wanted to occupy it to get a sense of security. This made Bai Ziqi a little breathless, and his hands kept beating him. Feng Jing Ming did not stop, a big hand grabbed her hand, kissed more deeply, he was eager to suppress his panic, to confirm that the white son is still his. Until the last moment, when Bai Ziqi really wanted to lack oxygen, Feng Jingming reluctantly left her sweet lips. Bai Ziqi lost all his strength and collapsed in his arms. His pink lips were red and swollen because he had just been trampled by someone, and his starry eyes were shining. Bai Ziqi, I am jealous and afraid. Feng Jingming lifted his thin lips and spit out a low magnetic hoarse voice, "I have always been a domineering person. I had guessed that Bai Ao would let you marry Ying Ruofeng. At that time, I was jealous. Don't try to stimulate me any more, or I don't know what I will do." This is clearly threatening words, but let Bai Ziqi show a smile, she took the initiative to reach out to embrace Feng Jingming's waist, rubbed in his arms: "This is my evil." Feng Jing Ming spoiled a smile, he knew she was to let him say jealousy, he did not mind showing it, but afraid to frighten her. "Feng Jingming, tell me you like me." Bai Ziqi suddenly opened his mouth,teardrop pallet racking, smiling and acting like a spoiled child. "I like you," said Feng Jingming. "That's not what you said. You have to say that Feng Jingming likes Bai Ziqi." Bai Ziqi blinked his eyes. Tianhe things, let Bai Ziqi afraid, she needs to hear Feng Jingming said he liked her, of course, this also with some little woman's mind. Feng Jing Ming hesitated and was silent. "Why don't you want to?" Said Bai Ziqi, staring at him with a shrunken mouth. If Feng Jingming dares to say no, she will give him a good look! Feng Jingming's thin lips raised the radian of evil charm. With a low laugh, he touched Bai Ziqi's head and said,radio shuttle racking, "Fool, I can't ask for it. How can I not want it?" Bai Ziqi snorted with satisfaction, which was more like it. The next moment, Feng Jing Ming slowly lifted his lips, the voice of evil charm with solemn and promise, low magnetic spread throughout the room. Feng Jingming loves Bai Ziqi all his life. Bai Zi was stunned, star eyes staring at Feng Jing Ming, she just let Feng Jing Ming say like her, but did not think of Feng Jing Ming will love, or a lifetime. At this moment, Bai Ziqi finally confirmed that her evil spirit had really come back. Stunned for a few seconds, Bai Ziqi smiled shallowly: "Bai Ziqi also loves Feng Jingming, forever!" Feng Jingming smiled gently, laughing with spoiling. Suddenly, a faint voice sounded. Master Wang, have you had enough? How about understanding the feelings of your subordinates? Bai Zi was startled, although there were many people in the room, asrs warehouse ,push back racking system, but she never saw anyone wake up. Hei Sha is sitting up plaintively. He has been awake for a while. As soon as he wakes up, he eats a lot of dog food! Feng Jingming felt Bai Ziqi's trembling. He frowned slightly and said coldly, "You scared the king's daughter-in-law. Apologize." Poof! The black devil seemed to have been pierced by ten thousand arrows, and he was so tearful that he wanted to cry without tears. Just ate dog food and was punished, or because of resistance to eat dog food, where to reason? "Princess, I'm sorry." Black evil spirit wants to cry without tears, "subordinates should not wake up, no." I should never have been born! If you're destined to be a single dog, what's the point of being born? When Bai Ziqi heard this, he raised his lips and smiled. Suddenly, his bad taste came to his mind. "It doesn't matter. I forgive you. Black Evil, come here." Hei Sha looked at the past in puzzlement. Bai Ziqi suddenly looked up, kissed Feng Jingming on the cheek, and then looked at the black devil in a teasing way. Poof! Poof! Poof! Three mouths of old blood contribute to the big brother who has a partner! Woof! Woof! "I shouldn't have been born." The black evil spirit wailed, and after a trip, Bai Ziqi kept laughing. Feng Jing Ming raised his lips, and he praised the black devil in his heart. When he went back, he should reward the black devil. Snowflake poked his head out of the space pharmacy, took a pitying look at the black devil, and then triumphed. Single dog also has stupid and clever, Ye is the kind of extremely clever! In advance to hide in the space pharmacy, put an end to all harm! "扣扣 . ” There was a knock on the door, and at the same time a disciple's voice came. Little lady, the ghost king, the master wants you to go to him tomorrow. Works Text Volume Chapter 467: Abandon and Kill! The smile on Bai Ziqi's face stiffened for a moment and slowly faded. After the complicated color flashed through his eyes, he lowered his eyes: "I know." "What's the matter?" The low magnetic voice overflowed from Feng Jing's thin lips, and he hung his head to Bai Ziqi, sensitively aware of what was wrong with Bai Ziqi. Nothing. Bai Ziqi looked up and smiled at him, but he was stunned by his eyes covered with white cloth, and then his heart was sour and sour. Bai Ziqi's hand slowly touched Feng Jingming's eyes, moving carefully, as if afraid of hurting him: "Evil, your eyes.." What's going on? Who hurt his eyes and his legs? Was it the Demon Clan? Think of that pair of brilliant peach blossom eyes, often with spoiled eyes looking at her, as if she was all he had, Bai Ziqi wanted to cry in his heart. Don't worry Feng Jingming gave a low laugh and held her slender wrist. "As long as you're all right, everything will be fine." As long as she was there, even if it was a pair of eyes, he was willing to lose his life. Feng Jingming did not want to say what happened that day to make her feel distressed, as for her legs. That's the punishment he deserves. Unfortunately, he can no longer walk side by side with her, can not hold her all over the mountains and rivers, thinking of this, Feng Jing Ming heart slightly dark. Feng Jingming didn't care about her eyes, but Bai Ziqi was very distressed. Her eyes were sour and she said firmly, "You can rest assured that I will cure you." Certainly, she will cure him, let him return to the former peerless. As for who had hurt him, he would not say, so she did not force him. Evil, I'll take you back. Bai Ziqi got up from Feng Jingming's arms, pushed the wheelchair over,medium duty racking, and helped Feng Jingming up. Feng Jingming sat in a wheelchair, as if he had returned to the first meeting before, but his eyes were covered with white cloth. kingmoreracking.com