"Humph!" Duck snorted coldly, and suddenly pulled out a few arrows from his backhand and buckled them in his hand. He moved like lightning, took a bow and shot arrows, and a few "broken blood arrows" were shot out. This series of arrows like lightning, the female blood clan was in a hurry immediately, Dak's archery was really fierce, only to hear her suddenly scream, the body jumped far away, left on the top is inserted an arrow. On the face of this female blood clan, the kind of charming and seductive state disappeared, revealing a bit of fierce color: "Bastard guy, I tease you casually, but you really hurt me!" As she screamed, her body suddenly swelled a few minutes, a pair of claws stretched out, revealing ten sharp fingers like blades, and her body shot at Dak like lightning! Duck twisted himself up to meet him and ping-ping-pang a few times. Duck's sword was blocked by his opponent's claws a few times, but it could not hurt the blood clan at all. Seeing that the blood clan eyes flashed a trace of murderous look, one hand grabbed the neck of Dak, Dak rolled on the spot, rolled from her feet, but the backhand sword cut on her leg, the blood clan screamed, the body suddenly jumped up. A wound appeared on her leg, and the blood clan's face was full of anger. He opened his mouth and screamed. The wound on her leg healed automatically in an instant, and as she screamed, her body grew bigger and bigger, finally revealing a long fluff,Automated warehouse systems, a sharp mouth on her face, and a sharp tusk on her mouth. The voice also becomes hoarse: "Asshole.". You hurt my noble body! As soon as her body arched, she suddenly rushed down, and with a huge wave of her palm, Duck felt a violent and huge impact in his hand, and half of his body was numb. He flew out with his sword, hit a tree heavily, and fell to the ground. Roar! The blood clan let out a roar and strode over again. Suddenly, there was some pain in her roar, and her body suddenly turned back. The huge claw also swung out. Duck lay on the ground and saw a deep blood stain cut behind her! Then I heard a voice in my ear: "Go!" Duck immediately recognized the voice of Nidis, and though he could not see each other, he could feel himself being helped up, and the two of them ran into the dense bushes. Run? Can you run? There was a loud roar behind him, and the blood clan suddenly grabbed a big stone on the ground and threw it out, push back racking system ,metal racking systems, hitting Dak beside it! Duck heard a cry of pain from Nidis beside him, and her body suddenly appeared. Then she opened her mouth and spurted a mouthful of blood. They fell to the ground again. Nidis's clothes were disheveled and her hair was scattered on both sides. She gritted her teeth and was about to stand up when she heard footsteps behind her. The blood clan was already standing in front of them. She grinned down and said, "Nidis, you finally showed up!" Nidis sighed and said coldly, "Humph." Duck suddenly took out a bottle from his bosom, pinched it in his hand, and threw it at the blood clan, pulling Nidis to roll on the spot. The bottle hit the body of the blood clan, the liquid in the bottle was stained on the body of the blood clan, and immediately emitted black smoke! The blood clan suddenly sent out an earth-shaking roar and struggled fiercely. Then suddenly he grabbed Dak! Duck felt a sharp pain in his back and was caught hanging in the air. Nidis was still holding Dak's hand, but she was not prepared for the blood clan to lift her leg and kick her away. The roar of the blood clan gradually subsided and he gasped, "Do you think you can do it with a bottle of holy water?"? Holy water can't kill a superior blood clan like me! She threw Duck hard on the ground. Duck fell to the ground, his body shook, only to hear a few dark clicks, and did not know how many bones were broken. The blood clan took a deep breath, and the wound on her body healed automatically in an instant. Then her body slowly shrank, and she turned back into the beauty just now. With a pair of wings on her back, she asked Nidis, who was lying on the ground struggling, with a charming smile: "How is it?"? Nidis, do you still want to run? Nidis snorted and said coldly, "So what if you caught me?"? Ruth, you bitch, you're just jealous of me! The blood clan sent out a string of charming laughter in his mouth and said softly, "Nidis, your guess is really right!"! I'm really jealous of you. I'm jealous to death! She stepped heavily on Duck's chest, her voice getting softer and softer. "You know what?"? I hate you in my heart to the extreme, thinking that one day you will fall into my hands, and then I can use all kinds of ways to torture you. Her tone was getting softer and softer, but the strength at her feet was getting stronger and stronger. Daknu grabbed his opponent's leg with his hand and lifted it up, but his opponent's strength was getting stronger and stronger. The tremendous force stepped down on his chest, and the bones made a clicking sound. Daknu could not help humming in a low voice. Ruth stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. "How's it going?" She said with a charming smile? Nidis, this human is your friend. He's dying. Aren't you going to save him? Come on.. Come on! Nidis sighed and struggled slowly to her feet. Instead of looking at Ruth, she looked at Duck on the ground and said in a deep voice, "Why are you here?" Duck. It seems that we can't live today. Ruth smiled softly and sweetly. She held out a finger and hooked Nidis back and forth. "Come here!" She whispered. Nidis had no choice but to walk slowly past, but as soon as she reached Ruth, the other side raised his hand and waved it, and Nidis's whole body flew out, showing a blood stain of five fingers on her face. "Oh, I'm sorry," said Ruth with a sweet smile. Am I a little stronger. But Miss Nidis, the genius of our blood clan. How could it become so useless. Nidis shook her head and, without wiping the blood from her face, struggled to her feet. "Not heavy, not heavy,heavy duty rack manufacturers," she said with a wry smile. It's not heavy at all. Compared with the strength I used to crush your brother and kill your father, you are too light, not heavy at all! 。 kingmoreracking.com