It is said that when people are angry, they can say anything. I am no exception. In fact, for so many years, I have never made such a big mistake, but this time I made an exception. Why? Because I really hate those dummies who pretend to be ghosts. Why are they called dummies? That is to say, they are obviously human beings who have to pretend not to be human beings. This is totally bitchy, really. I've seen a lot of bitches, and I've never seen such bitches. My voice and words were very sharp. After hearing this, old man Wang also proved it, but he didn't immediately respond. Although he didn't know what chemistry was and what gas was, he knew the legend that there were ghosts in the world. This is a legend that has existed in China for five thousand years. So he asked me in reply: "You don't have to get angry, Shaoxia." I don't know what kind of body and what kind of learning you are talking about. I don't agree with you that there is no ghost in the world that can kill people. Do you know that the walking corpse in the West City is a kind of killing drama made by the dead corpse using the magic method. This old man is really funny. He pretends to understand when he doesn't understand. There are two walkers beside me. He can't see them. He asks me if I know about walkers. Maybe this is the funniest joke in the world. As soon as I heard him ask this question, the anger that had sprouted just now came down for no reason. Now the anger in my heart has also eased a lot. I laughed at him: Wang Daochang really loves to joke. I really dare to be beaten by you. You, ah, I disdain to say you. I this sentence in my previous life is very easy to understand, but in this Dynasty is very understand, because there is a popular sentence after 2000 years, how can people in this Dynasty understand it, so I do not expect him to understand, after I said this sentence, and the line of sight to see the door, but the same did not see any movement outside the door, but I turned my head at the same time. I obviously felt that old man Wang's eyes were staring at me deeply. He may think that my behavior and behavior are very strange, and he is curious about me. After listening to my words,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, he did not say much, because he simply could not fully understand what I just said. He just looked at me in silence (all the way to see the novel network, mobile phone station WAP., CN updates the fastest). It seems that I was interested by him. He must want to know me. Want to know what kind of person I am, who knows this, and is so smart and weird. Generally speaking, like a senior appreciating a younger generation, if in the movies of my previous life, the senior would certainly accept the younger generation as steep and teach advanced martial arts, which are all stereotyped plots on TV, but the people of this Dynasty simply do not know what TV is, let alone see movies and TV plays, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, so they do not know these stereotyped plots, although some of them. But my magic eye function detected the meaning of the old man Wang's eyes, which was exactly what he meant. He became interested in me and wanted to take me as a disciple. Why do the older generation like to do this? Because they think that they are much better than those who are online for a long time in their life, so they generally call themselves masters. In fact, they are skilled. Martial arts have nothing to do with age. There are many examples in my previous life. For example, there are many apprentices in their thirties and forties, and young people in their teens and twenties who are teachers. Gossip is far away, old man Wang's eyes actually want to accept me as an apprentice's idea is very little, more is very interested in my origin, I am like this, the more others want to get things, the more I do not give, so that they can hang their appetite ah, to put it bluntly, this kind of thing I can say or not, I said that I am in a good mood. If I don't tell him, will he go to the government to tell me that I didn't tell him where I came from? It seems ridiculous to say so. Now that the old man Wang has begun to pay attention to me, I have to keep a low profile now, try not to let him have a deeper impression on me and pay more attention to me, because I don't like to be the first bird, I like to be a passer-by in the crowd, so that I can advance and retreat, otherwise I will be in the limelight and become a gendarme on the tip of the wave, then a lot of things will not be able to get away with it. This is the most basic principle of life, many people are often not my idea, so they can never do great things, because that kind of person thinks that he has a little ability to show off everywhere, for fear that others do not know, what is that called, not to go for a little, is to satisfy his own vanity, joke, people all over the world praise himself that is not happy to die. A lot of people like this kind of floating up to the sky, let people lift up the feeling, I really feel that kind of lifestyle is extremely mindless, but also can come to the big and small sense of crisis, so I like to cut low-key, that is, commonly known as playing pig to eat tiger,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, hide their own strength to blend into the public, so that when they meet a strong opponent, they can get away more effectively.