Protect the moon, although it is father's entrustment and responsibility, but more from the blood is thicker than water, she is in addition to grandpa, is his only family, but also he wants to use his life to protect people! "Big Brother is mighty!" Mu Qianyue laughed. When Nalanjing came to the maple garden, he saw this scene, Mu Shallow Moon Pillow on Mu Rufeng's legs, two people talking and laughing, looking intimate, smiling so brightly that he almost dazzled his eyes, the picture was harmonious like a quiet scroll.. And he is the outsider who looks at the painting! Lavender pupil eyes flashed a touch of strange brilliance, he was jealous! He's jealous! Yes, he is very jealous and angry now! "Lady, where are you?" A cry of surprise broke the harmonious and beautiful picture. Chapter 55 is she sick? Mu Qianyue turned his head and saw Nalanjing fall to the ground with a painful expression on his handsome face. What are you doing here? Mu Qianyue stood up hurriedly, ran towards him, lifted him up, looked at him with blame and said with a trace of heartache, "Don't run around if your eyes are not good, what if you fall?"? Where to go in the future and let Cang Ming accompany them. "Lady, I miss you." Nalanjing mouth a pout, infinite grievance, that expression of sorrow like a little resentful woman, hum, who she pillowed other men's legs? Even if that man is her eldest brother,Fiberglass tape measure, no! Mu Qianyue pulled the corners of her mouth, "I just came out for half a day." Nalanjing is so clingy to her. If she leaves Feng Film City and goes to Qingfeng College, what will he do? You can't take him with you, can you? It's really a headache. Under the pear flower, Mu Rufeng sat motionless, but his eyes were staring at the two people in the distance, and when he saw Mu Shallow Moon's worried expression, his eyes flashed a touch of dark awn and worry, perhaps the moon herself did not know how nervous she was about Nalanjing? Hey. When the moon rises and the lights are on, the whole Phoenix Film City is very lively. Tonight,Walking measuring wheel, Mu Qianyue wore a green peach blossom smoky shirt, a pair of peacock thread beads and hibiscus soft-soled shoes on her feet, a delicate snow bun with ink-like hair, a jasper-colored flower hairpin on her temples, and a light makeup on her face, which was delicate and appropriate, just right, and set off her delicate face more beautiful, like a God above the nine heavens. Nalanjing some gawk at the woman in front of her, heart filled with a strong smell of acetic acid, there is a feeling of wanting to treasure her up, not to let anyone covet her! However, he knew that she was destined to rise, to show her peerless elegance in front of everyone, destined to stand at the peak of the mainland of Tianwu, the attention of millions of people! What he can do is to stand behind her, silently guarding her and protecting her! Because the banquet has not yet started, Surveyors tape measure ,tape measure clip, so Mu Qianyue and Nalanjing strolled in the imperial garden. Under the bright moonlight, young girls hold hands and walk by the lake. The breeze blows, lifting their hair and winding them together. The picture is so harmonious and beautiful. Lady, I really want to hold your hand all my life until I am old. The voice of the teenager is like a song in the clouds, which is extremely clear and pleasant, and more like a magic spell, which disturbs the calm heart lake of Mu Shallow Moon and ripples in circles. Walk to old age together? She never thought about it, she just liked the feeling of being with him, very free, very comfortable. It's like an old couple who have been together for years. Wait! Old couple? Think of the mind suddenly jumped out of these three words, Mu Qianyue suddenly startled, beautiful eyes incredible boss, she, she will not be in love with him? Think of this, the heart does not live up to the'puff puff 'jumped up. Lady, are you very hot? Why are your palms all sweaty? Feeling the temperature coming from each other's hands, wet, Nalanjing could not help but ask curiously. Mu Qianyue frowned doubtfully, her heart beat faster and her palms sweated. Was she sick? But she's in good health. No, it must be too hot tonight! In Mu Qianyue's imagination, there was a slight sound of conversation beside him, although the two men had already pressed their voices very low, but Mu Qianyue still heard it. No, it's too dangerous! Her, I won't promise, I finally find you, we finally meet again, I can't let you die again! "Qin Yang, I'm sorry, I can't forget all this, whenever I close my eyes, my mind echoes with the tragic death of hundreds of people in my blue family!"! I'm gonna kill him tonight! Revenge for the hundreds of innocent lives of my blue family! The weak female voice is full of firmness and hatred. Hearing this voice, Mu Qianyue was slightly stupefied. If she remembered correctly, this woman was Nalanzheng's favorite jade concubine, Lan Keyu. Jade.. "Qin Yang, you go, I am not worth you to pay for me, I am no longer the body of the wall, you still have a bright future, leave here, you will meet more suitable for you than I.." Lan Keyu held back the tears in her eyes and said. Her, you clearly know my heart, whether you are innocent or not, no matter what you become, I will not abandon, will not give up you! Do you know, if there is no you in this world, I still have the meaning to live? Live or die, I'll be with you! Live together, die together! Qin Yang tightly hugged Lan Keyu in his arms, and the deep pupil burst out a firm and bloodthirsty cold awn, "This matter is left to me to complete!"! I will kill this dog emperor myself! "Qin Yang." Lan Keyu threw herself into his arms and cried. Hey. Mu Qianyue couldn't help sighing and couldn't help being moved by their love. Unexpectedly, Lan Keyu had such a life experience. In front of people, Lan Keyu was intelligent and beautiful, and was loved by thousands of emperors. It turned out that she had been dormant for a long time, just to take the life of Nalanzheng. It's really sad to think about Nalanzheng. Who Mu Qianyue's sigh attracted Qin Yang's attention. He hurriedly flashed and jumped out of the rockery beside him. When he saw Nalanjing and Mu Qianyue,Adhesive fish ruler, his eyes flashed a touch of murder. Don't kill them! Lan Keyu ran out from behind, and when he saw the man in front of him, he hurriedly shouted.