Although the time is pressing and the venue is not large, the number of reporters present on that day is not small. The reason, of course, is the people who might come to the premiere. Some old experts from the Film Studies Association came to show their support. Many of them had participated in the internal film viewing of "Dancing Elephant". They all held a positive attitude towards the film. Now that they have returned with honors, they also have to express their congratulations. By the way, they have to sigh at their original insight. As the saying goes, everyone carries the sedan chair. Even if the praise at the beginning was just to follow the trend, now you have to show that you expected such a domestic film to come out a hundred years ago. These people are naturally not the target of journalists, who lazily take a few pictures and ask a few polite questions. Jing Tao, Anlan and Liu Tingxin have long said that they will come. There are also top idols like Feng Shuo and Deng Zichen, as well as Tang Weiyuan, Liu Fangyu, Sun Ying, Fang Qitong and Mu Weiwei. These new generation of popular actors, to put it bluntly,Pi tape measure, are the young actors of Jingtao Studio and Anlan Studio. The bosses have come, and of course they have to come. In addition, several middle-aged actors who have made good friends with the film's co-distributor, Tang and Song Film Industry, also come to close their "feelings" with others while watching the film. Feng Shuo is one of the people who must come. It is no secret that he and Chi Chi share a broker in the industry. Of course, both public and private have to come to support him. There are rumors that the Anlan film he is making now is Chi Chi's lead. Well,Diameter tape measure, one is a popular idol of the new generation, and the other is the youngest top movie queen. If these two people share a set of resources, I don't know how many people will draw a cross in their hearts. Although there is definite news that Gu Xi is filming abroad, it is impossible to rush back to attend the premiere, and now these people are enough to make the whole premiere shine. Not to mention Duane's unexpected visit with some of his old friends. The entire premiere ceremony did not have any special red carpet ceremony, a group of people did not have the order, who came directly into the arena, so that the reporters who blocked the door even had no time to press the shutter. Liu Tingxin really came, and she was accompanied by Bai Congkai, the general manager of Pingguang Film and Television. The man who looked gentle and calm also had an identity as Liu Tingxin's agent. Liu Daying was as imposing as ever. She was wearing a black jumpsuit with a golden shawl outside. Her hair was pulled over her head to show her sharp eyebrows. Facing the encirclement of reporters, she didn't even have a look in her eyes. She almost dragged her male companion into the hotel. After she came, cattle weight tape ,Horse weight lbs, the reporters almost had to pad their feet and wait for the rest of the people. One movie queen came, could the next movie queen be far behind? Jing Tao arrived first, followed by his favorite students Liu Fangyu and Mu Weiwei. Ten minutes after he entered the arena, An Lan and Feng Shuo came together. A little reporter was busy taking pictures, and when Feng Shuo couldn't even see his shadow, he suddenly remembered something and patted his forehead with regret. Ouch! I'll go! Live long and see you! Is this Jing Tao and An Lan attending the premiere together? "Nonsense." Someone gave him a white look. We went to a premiere together. Why? We made a movie together a while ago. Did your editor-in-chief ask you to mention a word in the entertainment news? You don't know what to say or not to say in our line of work? All of a sudden, all of a sudden, say something useless. The young reporter, who had just entered the industry, was stunned for a moment and continued to look at the parking position. The other reporters all sighed and said nothing more. The so-called "should not say" is naturally the old love. The story of An Lan and Jing Tao caused a sensation across the country decades ago, when almost everyone called them immoral mistresses and hypocrites. After more than a year of vigorous and vigorous activities, Anlan suddenly cut off her love with Huijian and resolutely went abroad for further study. The tabloids have been following her for eight years and have gone through five or six countries, but none of them have photographed her seeing Jing Tao again. Even if Jing Tao's wife died, even if the man who finally became single bought the headlines of the national newspapers to propose to Anlan, even if he pretended to be mentally ill, Anlan was not moved. The past is gone with the wind, leaving only the sigh of the years. In a twinkling of an eye, both of them have entered the second half of their lives. Jing Tao, who was unrestrained and uninhibited in those years, has become a stable predecessor in the film circle. An Lan, who was proud and enthusiastic in those years, has become a symbol of women's elegance and artistic progress. The people who cursed them should be unfortunate all their lives are also old. With the passage of time, they look at the madness of Jingtao, the coldness of Anlan, and even express their expectations and blessings for their union. These belated goodwill has passed. The love between the movie king and the movie queen has long been forgotten by time. Most young people don't know their stories. Even if they hear them occasionally, they won't take them to heart. A white business car slid to the door of the hotel, and Chi Chi was the first to get off. Wen Xinping and his wife had not yet figured out how to open the door of this high-end business car, and could only wait for her to rescue them. The girl opened the car door with a smile and helped Ms. Lu down like a gentleman. As a director, Wen Luning still did not appear on the day of the premiere. According to Ms. Lu, Wen Luning was able to convince them not to attend the premiere, which was enough to reassure them. Whether he will come or not is not important at all. When the bald head appeared as a symbol, all the flashlights on the scene lit up, and Chi Chi thoughtfully covered Ms. Lu's face with a hat and smiled apologetically at the media: "The chief financial officer and logistics director of our crew is not very suitable for the magnesium lamp, so please forgive me." The reporters stepped back and watched her and Wen Xinping, one on the left and one on the right,fish measuring tape, protecting Ms. Lu as she walked forward, as if Chi Chi was not the leading actor in the film who had won the film queen, and Wen Xinping was not the filmmaker who had just created an investment miracle. The person they protected was the core of the whole film.