After they entered the college, they went all the way to the place where the Academic Affairs Office paid the tuition fees. Freshmen come here very little at this time, probably because the amount of 3500 magic crystals is huge, and freshmen have a discount for selling blood, but here is full of old students. After the old students paid the tuition fees, the eight working brothers in the Academic Affairs Office quacked and lifted the ban on the old students. At the same time, they were assigned dormitories again. However, I don't know what the school was thinking. These old students who failed to pass the grade also lived in the same dormitory building with the new students. It seemed that they were not worried about their friction at all. As soon as Sang Ruo and Sang Ruo came in, they attracted the attention of many old people. Most of their dark eyes were as malicious as fat sheep. Let me see. Two freshmen. The myna behind the counter while checking the information of two people, while roughly persuading, "3500 magic crystal is not a decimal, if not for the special blood, most students only have preferential treatment in the first academic year, do you really not consider saving some money?" Sang Ruo: "No." Aseza: I don't need it either. I have Sang Ruofa's pocket money. Smile with the honey in your heart. Sang Ruo looked at him in silence. All right, here's the card. Myna pushed something up with his paws and saw that both of them had finished brushing the tuition fees for the first year. He took out a few leaflets from under the counter, "Ga, and this is for you. This is the notice of tomorrow's physical examination and the welcome party tomorrow evening." Sang Ruo glanced at the so-called physical examination notice, blood test, gene test and other items, and asked, "Do you still need a physical examination after paying the tuition fee?" Asseza also struggled with the leaflet, and the invisible Derek made a gesture to Asseza not to worry. Myna: "Yes, yes.". This has nothing to do with that. Physical examination is related to the development of your blood in the future, so that you can understand yourself. It is also to be able to accurately recommend the most suitable instructor to you. After all, everyone's physique is nuanced, and only public professional courses can not be taken care of comprehensively. Instructors estimate that the price is not cheap,Walking tape measure, otherwise why so many old students can not graduate. Sang Ruo thought silently, took the leaflet of Myna, and looked at the time of tomorrow's physical examination and the New Year party. After finishing the tuition, Sang Ruo went directly back to the dormitory building. As expected, there were a lot of old students in the building. As soon as he saw Sang Ruo and Asseza, the atmosphere immediately became different. It seemed that the thing that Sang Ruohad just torn the school bully in the cave elevator had spread rapidly. Many old students seem to be quietly hiding themselves in the crowd, observing him far away from Sang Ruo, while the freshmen are just the opposite, mostly looking at Sang Ruo with a face of worship, as if they want to come up and shake hands or something. Get out of the way. Aseza proudly escorted Sang Ruo back to the dormitory in the envy and jealousy of his fans. Watching Sang Ruo open the door of the dormitory and go in, Asseza, standing at the door, blinked, "Sang Ruo, Fish measuring board ,Wheel tape measure, would you like to invite me in?" Sang Ruo looked back at him. "No, I'll see you tomorrow." The door snapped coldly and mercilessly closed in front of Asseza, who was waving and smiling. Derek looked at his royal Highness, who kept being rejected, and comforted him by saying, "Your Highness, don't be sad. You still have a group of little female dragons waiting for you." Asseza was baffled: "What am I sad about?"? Didn't you hear him say to me that he would see me tomorrow? This is the first time! Derek:.. So your Highness's requirements are so low? It seems that he doesn't have to worry about the bankruptcy after kissing. In this case, he feels that he can't wait for that day in his life. Asseza is really happy, he is not silly, even very sensitive, naturally can clearly feel Sang Ruo's emotional changes to himself. Asseza was disappointed at all. He felt that he had a great hope of pursuing the beauty and was opening up the hostile defense line of the beauty! Heh heh heh heh. After laughing eerily for a while, Asseza immediately left the dormitory building and returned to the Academic Affairs Office with the invisible Derek. He went straight to the black myna in the payment hall just now. The black Starling, who was in charge of tuition fees for new students, was now reading the newspaper in his spare time. When he saw Asseza, who had gone and returned, he quacked, "Are you here again?" Asseza leaned close to the myna on the counter and asked in a low voice, "How much does it cost to change dormitories?"? I want the one on the top floor, on the same floor as Sonnere Landseer in Freshman. With Derek's gold card in his hand, Asseza certainly wouldn't wronged himself, but Asseza didn't dare to let Sang Ruo know about it, in case he had private money exposed, what if Sang Ruo was angry with him? Asseza's decision now is to spend money in a low-key way, turn it in when he finds it, turn himself in in time when something is wrong, and actively borrow money to repent sincerely. "That's no good," the myna quacked. "That's the first honor. The whole top floor belongs to Sang Ruo Lansir alone." Asseza was puzzled. "But I saw there were other rooms …" Myna: "That can be his future laboratory, research room, meditation room, can also be his living room, in short, are his.". If you are really envious, you can only finish the chief challenge at the end of the semester and drag him down to the first place, then the top is all yours. Aseza:.. What are you doing? Where is the nearest dormitory to him? Single room, no roommates. Seeing that Asseza was really not short of money, Myna also worked hard. Finally, he recommended a dormitory under Sang Ruo, and he could see Sang Ruo's balcony. Asseza was so happy that he brushed the accommodation fee of 1200 magic crystals happily and gave Myna 50 more tips of magic crystals. Myna immediately said cleverly that he would record Asseza's change of dormitory as a college adjustment, and promised that anyone who came would say so. Asseza was so happy that if he hadn't been poor recently, he would have given a little tip to Myna. "This room is really dark." Found a new bedroom, in addition to see the balcony of Sang Ruo, which other Asseza are not satisfied, simply decided to rectify their own. Asseza pulled out a space card out of nowhere,horse weight tape, then stood on the edge of the bed and shook it, and the bright gold coins inside suddenly splashed out like a flood gate, sprinkling Asseza's bed. Make your own bed first.