He suddenly flew to a unique square, removed the thin bed board, ignored the thick layer of old ash under it, bent down, opened two ash bricks in the corner, and took out a brown paper bag. For a moment, he was choked by the dust and coughed again and again. Fang wanted to open the paper seal regardless, but suddenly stopped, put the paper bag on the bed board, and rushed back to the kitchen. yuan Huan scooped up a ladle of water from the water tank, cleaned his hands, wiped them dry with a cloth, and ran back to the house. Then he picked up the paper bag again and carefully took out the plain silk inside. The handwriting on it had changed from bright red to dark red because of the age. Even the silk cloth was faintly yellow, but every word was still ferocious in his mind. He had looked at the words on it again and again, so that he could recite them backwards in his dreams. yuan Huan remembered the past, suddenly pinched the plain silk, and sat down on the ground. That night, he uniquely burned the porridge with a lot of water into a brown lump at the bottom of the pot. The next day. The dawn is just dawning. yuan Huan lost sleep in the middle of the night, and when he got up, he felt his eyes were sore and swollen. After a cursory wash, he took his axe and pulled the door out as usual. I don't want to sit at the door in a shining group, which is very eye-catching under the morning light. The material of the dress was as gorgeous as the rosy clouds on the horizon. Even when the original family was in a good time in their early years,jacuzzi swim spa, yuan Huan had never seen it. yuan Huan wants to go back to the house and wash his face again so that he can come back from his dream. Unexpectedly, the other party opened his mouth and said, "You finally came out.". Have you had breakfast? How about Ben Wang inviting you to drink soybean milk? As a matter of fact, yuan Huan is half an hour late today, so Chang Liu has been waiting here for a long time, and he is a little hungry. Listening to her voice as clear as a flowing spring, yuan Huan was stunned again, and only then did he see clearly that the other party was a girl of thirteen or fourteen years old. Changliu smiled when he looked up and down. Are you the king of Qi? Changliu nodded affirmatively. yuan Huan suddenly clenched the axe in his hand and straightened his right arm. Changliu,jacuzzi suppliers, however, seemed to disappear and looked at him quietly. After a moment of stalemate, yuan Huan suddenly lost his strength and said sarcastically, "Your father has exiled my father, but you have come to pretend to be a good man!" Changliu, however, did not mention this lawsuit. He only said, "The emperor ordered the king to go to Xiangxi three days later to control the flood. He went to the same place and did the same job as Lord yuan." yuan Huan couldn't help giving a sneer: "I think the emperor is getting more and more confused. The civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty abandoned him.". Send a little girl to fool the victims. Changliu didn't think anything was wrong and said softly, "The king is very sad that Lord yuan has been wronged." After a pause, she looked directly into yuan Huan's eyes and then said, "The king brought out the files of that year. It vaguely mentioned that Lord yuan had listed the ten diseases of the river workers in western Hunan and pleaded for the people.". The contents of the memorial were not attached to the file. Somehow? yuan Huan did not know that Chang Liu was asking the question knowingly. In a moment of righteous indignation, he said, "What if the play is presented to the emperor?"? It's just a comment of'intent to collapse '. For example, the accusation of "Ten Diseases of River Workers" is like a bone stuck in the throat of those corrupt officials. It must have been destroyed immediately after the case was closed. Changliu saw that he remembered the bastard words on the imperial edict so clearly, and knew that he was not reconciled in his heart. But, endless pool factory ,garden jacuzzi tub, for one thing, as he had just said, it was his own muddle-headed father who had exiled the original adult, and how could he be calm when he saw himself. Second, in his opinion, he is a woman, or a young girl, it is not credible. Thinking of this, Changliu read in a low voice word by word: "Compile the various sections of the river work to control, and then think more about the old chapter, and to exclude colleagues, with the intention of dumping." "You and I both know that this is a bastard who confuses black and white," she said solemnly in a very positive tone. yuan Huan listened to her repeating the closing statement on the imperial edict word for word. He was already moved, but when he heard her say the three words "bastard words", he was very surprised, so he looked carefully at the beautiful girl in front of him again. She only felt that her appearance was very elegant, and her eyebrows were calm and firm, but she was different from ordinary women. "The king will go south by boat in two days," said Changliu calmly as he let him look at him. After a pause, she went on to say, "If you still have half of your filial piety as a son, you can come to the dock.". Just give me your name and someone will bring you to Ben Wang. Whether the grievances of the original adults for many years can be cleared is only between your thoughts. ” yuan Huan opened his mouth, but kept silent. Knowing his misgivings, Chang Liu expected him to struggle and hesitate. Instead of urging him, he said, "Well, the king has been waiting for you here for a long time. Now he's hungry. Would you like to go to breakfast together?" yuan Huan saw that she had changed from a young and mature girl to an innocent girl in a twinkling of an eye. He was surprised again, but he still walked away without saying a word. When he was far away, Jianghuai jumped down from a tree not far away. "Your Highness, do you think he will go?" "Ben Wang bet he would." After a pause, she turned to Jianghuai and said with a smile, "Go.". Let's go to Hutchison for breakfast. Heji Yazuo. Changliu is a frequent visitor here, ordering ordinary snacks such as porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat, Egg Boiled with Salt and Tea, soybean milk and fried dough sticks at will. The dishes were quickly served, and when the waiter went out, Jianghuai saw that the eye sockets of Changliu were slightly blue. "Your Highness," he said, "I'm afraid you were reading again last night." Changliu nodded, "The king carefully read the files filed by the Ministry of Punishment again last night." In fact, there were many vague points in the file, so Changliu asked Jianghuai to test yuan Huan. From yuan Huan's attitude and reaction, he knew a lot about what happened in those years, and only avoided talking about it because of his worries. Is the memorial to the throne written by Lord yuan very important? "Yes.". The memorial to the throne lists the situation of frequent flooding of the Teng River in the western Hunan area collected by the former adults, as well as the evidence of corruption among the river members, and also analyses the drawbacks of the court system. However, the senior official who investigated the case in those years said that the original adults were all empty words and purely fabricated false accusations. "After a meal, Changliu laughed sarcastically and said," Tu Xian,outdoor hot tub, the governor of the river who was falsely accused by the former Lord, has been sitting in this position for thirteen years. We can't go without dealing with him. Jianghuai cut a sword and said, "Your Highness is an imperial envoy appointed by the emperor. Why don't you use the power of killing first and reporting later to kill the governor of the river?" 。 monalisa.com