"You should master a fine skill first!" Ling Feng hesitantly replied that his initial concept of the spirit level came from Guichong, and at the moment he was asked by Wen Ting to be a little confused, did he know it must be right? After all, even Brother Heng himself was excluded from the gate of the spirit level! "Yes.". It's not right. Wen Ting said an ambiguous sentence, and did not continue to keep him in suspense. Instead, he said, "Judging from the tricks you have just used, the way you have chosen should be to gradually improve it so as to form your own fine skills." Ling Feng nodded, heaven and earth prison a total of 108 sword awn composition, he has now one of the sword awn for the source array structure, in his vision, as long as the rest of the sword awn also completed the transformation, the spirit level can become! "There is nothing wrong with this approach in essence, but it is too cumbersome to implement, and you should clearly feel by now that it is very difficult to continue." "In fact, the most important thing for a strong spirit is not the means of attack, but its own spiritual realm," said Wen Ting with rare patience. "Spirit Land?" "Not bad!"! At a certain stage of cultivation, one's own soul merges with the giant spirit, and with enough energy support, one can control one side of heaven and earth,endless swimming pool, which is the Holy Land! Wen Ting said slowly, "But the spirit realm is not the case. It has stronger control than the holy realm!"! If you want to use words to describe it, it is a spiritual level of strong people are completely with their own energy to form a space! Take control of. There was a flash of confusion in Ling Feng's eyes. That's all, for the sake of the three nuclei of essence, blood and vitality. I will be a good man to the end, let you see the true mystery of spiritual power! With a bang, a circle of blue light spread from Wen Ting's whole body, wrapping up the whole realm of refining spirits. The feeling that the soul and the energy of the whole body were stagnant came to the whole body again. Fortunately,hot tub spa manufacturers, Wen Ting did not have any malice, and Ling Feng was able to persevere despite his discomfort. This is what happens when I go all out in the spirit realm, and you try to use the most powerful attack! Feeling that Wen Ting had slightly relaxed the bondage of the spiritual realm, Ling Feng concentrated slightly and spread out a bunch of swords in his palm before he reached out a little bit, and then burst like the wind blowing through the candle! Ling Feng was stunned, completely stunned, as if all the energy in the spiritual realm had been excluded. Wen Ting no longer waste words, keep the spirit domain, let Ling Feng alone to understand. The wind in the absolute domain is surging and roaring, and time, like fine sand, slips away quietly between the fingers. I do not know how long, Ling Feng slowly raised his head. There was a happy smile on his face: Heng Chong said at the beginning that if you want to become a spirit, the elemental giant spirit is a necessary thing, Chinese spa manufacturer ,massage bathtub manufacturers, which is true. The biggest difference between the spirit domain of makeup and the constant domain is that it not only binds the soul, but also "can bind the energy"! According to Wen Ting, the spirit level needs to use its own energy to create a world. For example, if he is a Wind Skywalker, then he will use the Wind Force to completely form a space. In this space, in addition to the Wind Force he controls. No other energy can flow! The reason why there is a saying that "the holy land is full of ants" is that the domain can really suppress the enemy perfectly after it is used, and the spirit domain is even better! Firmly grasping the essence, Ling Feng bowed deeply to Wen Ting: "Thank you, senior." The thanks were entirely natural, and if it hadn't been for his guidance, he wouldn't have known how long he would have had to grope in the dark. In fact, the way you go is not wrong, the essence of skill is always needed, the real attack power of the spirit level strong lies in the integration of the spirit domain and the essence of skill. And if you want to go further, you have to master more skills. Ling Feng put away all his complacency and said, "Please give me some advice." Nodding his head, he seemed to be very satisfied with Ling Feng's attitude. Wen Ting continued: "With the different cultivation, the early, middle and late stages of the Holy Land, as well as the domains mastered by the strong people who are infinitely close to the spirit level, have their own strengths and weaknesses.". The same is true of the spirit level. The strength of the spirit level can be divided into three levels according to the enhancement of the skill. He has learned a kind of skill, which can be called the spirit. At this time, his spirit domain is the weakest, but it is still enough to kill any strong person in the holy domain. And further into the level of understanding of the two, then into the "spirit.". Level, the power of this level of spiritual realm is stronger than that of the person who entered the spiritual level at the beginning, which can be called "spiritual realm"; once you realize the third skill, you will be the strongest spiritual person! Ling Feng was fascinated for a while. He never thought that there were so many mysteries in the spirit level. At the same time, a faint doubt came to his mind: "There is no possibility of understanding the fourth skill." With a cold "sniff" of disdain. Wen Ting said, "You are so greedy that you want to reach the sky in one step!"! It takes a long time for each skill to be realized and perfected, and the more difficult it is, the more difficult it will be. Is it so easy to achieve? It took Lao Tzu eighty years to enter the spiritual level, and then it took another two hundred years to barely enter the spiritual level. He has been praised as a genius of the world! Ling Feng scolded him rudely. He went on to say, "Besides, even if you have a chance to understand the fourth skill, no one will be foolish enough to do it. One reason is that the time spent is not counted. The other reason is that the three skills have reached the limit of strengthening the spiritual realm!"! Even one more is useless, and the strength that can be increased is very small. Ling Feng shyly, seeing Wen Ting with an iron face, he hurriedly changed the topic: "How is the result of the senior's practice?"? Will you be able to break free of the chains? At the mention of this topic, Wen Ting was excited. He laughed: "The old ghost added rare soft Burmese silver, nine-day stone and other rare materials to this chain, in an attempt to wear down my giant spirit power with the help of this naturally generated ice flame!"! Hum, don't you know that man is not as good as God? "If you had come a year later, maybe you would have really let the old ghost succeed, but now," he took a deep breath, like a dragon sucking water,outdoor whirlpool tub, swallowing all the wind in the absolute land into his stomach, and his muscles and bones burst out repeatedly: "Just give me a few more days, and I will be able to recover to the peak state!" 。 monalisa.com