Suddenly, Mu Jing's premonition of danger hit him in an instant. He had no time to identify it. He shouted urgently, "Shen Huai, get out of the way!" Although Shen Huai's reaction was so quick that he almost jumped away as soon as Mu Jing's voice fell, a purple and blue light came from the distance out of thin air, breaking one of Shen Huai's arms in an instant! The people in the open-air coffee shop all panicked, and everyone looked for the source of the light, and then began to flee in all directions. And Mu Jing also started the split pupil to look for the person who shot out the light. Just now that is definitely one of the abilities of the split pupil, then, is the person who sniped at them. Before he could react, he saw a figure behind the deep locust tree. A long blood-red blade was placed on the neck of the deep locust tree. Then, a cold voice came: "Tie Mujing, what do you mean?"? Called me to come here, and I'm with this Norsolan stooge? If you don't make it clear, I'll let the other person's head fall to the ground immediately! The man had just acquired the moistening and darkening of the eyes of the crack pupil. Hurry up Stop it, "Mujing didn't know how to explain it for a moment. He could only explain it briefly." Anyway, Norsolan no longer exists. We have no reason to be hostile, do we? And Shen Huai will be our companion in the future. I called you here today to discuss how to rescue your sister, so we can't talk about it. Deep locust's arm is still bleeding constantly, consciousness has been somewhat blurred,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, moistening the dark blood red long blade, is with the spirit of the split pupil eye, in the hands of the ghost blade! Even if the distance again, this knife sends out the ghost eye ability also can cut off a person's body in the waist in an instant, just now he is actually showing mercy, otherwise now the deep locust has already gone to hell. Make it clear.. What is a companion? He's from Norsolan, and I'll never forget that! Run dark inch step not to give way, was about to press further,whirlpool hot tub spa, suddenly the head was hit heavily, then dizzy up, the ghost blade also suddenly disappeared. Give me enough! Hurry up and go. Do you have any common sense to hold a ghost knife to someone's throat in public? Mr. Iron, I'm sorry, this man has become a little impulsive because of his sister. It was Ah Jing who knocked on the dark head. Then, she picked up the broken hand on the ground, took out her healing potion, and said to Shen Huai, "Don't worry, I can help you take it.". Well, for my sake, please don't argue with him. After all, didn't you almost make us suffer a lot before? Let's call it even. Although the deep locust tree was still in unbearable pain, Ah Jing aimed her arm at the broken limb and dropped a few drops of strange white liquid medicine. He immediately felt that the broken nerves were reconnected. Then, whirlpool hot tub ,best whirlpool tub, in just a few seconds, he was free to wave his arms again. It's a good thing this idiot didn't actually cut off your head, or the potion wouldn't have saved you. Run dark to see this scene, can not help but recall the original actually forgot to let Fenghui with a bottle of this healing potion, otherwise he may be able to survive. Looking at more and more people gathered around and hearing sirens in the distance, Ah Jing knocked on his dark head again and said, "Idiot!"! Come on, get us out of here! Don't tell me you forgot how to use the split pupil! Jing is really the nemesis of Run-dark, as long as she speaks, Run-dark appears very obedient, dare not say a word. Anyway, after the riots, the location changed to G City, the apartment where the dark newly bought house was located. There are only two bedrooms in total. Runli and Ajing usually sleep in one and Runri sleeps in the other. So.. He and you used to be friends? Run dark looked at the deep locust at this time of his hostile expression, as well as the embarrassment of Hao Lin's whole body, coupled with the mirror repeatedly excused for the deep locust, he finally temporarily believed that the deep Huai and Hao Lin can be trusted. Forget it I was too impulsive just now. I'm sorry, Mr. Lu. For the sake of his sister, Run-dark didn't care about bowing his head to Shen-huai to admit his mistake. Maybe if you want to live in the future, you really need his ability to help. After all, he has worked at Norsolan for so long that he should have some definite information about the supernatural aspects. First The problem is, "Mujing was glad to see that Run-dark's attitude had softened, so he said," My crack pupil is in a state of exhaustion, and you just got the crack pupil, but it's really amazing that you can release the crack ghost blade with the ability of the ghost eye, and you can launch an attack so far away. Your potential is amazing. " Then Mujing said what he thought: "To put it simply.." Your ability to split your eyes is still in its infancy, and you must be able to break through the barrier of subspace, perhaps to enter another dimension without relying on media. If you want to save your sister, you still have to improve your ability to crack your eyes. Run dark a listen to really have a way, immediately exultation, ask: "That." What can I do to improve my ability? But he was also afraid that the other side would say something like eating human flesh, but Mujing's answer surprised him. You already have a split eye, so it's not very difficult to ascend. It's just a matter of time. If you want a quick fix, you can use the Ghost Blade. As long as you can make it more than two meters long, you can use that ghost knife to cut the barrier between dimensions and reach the interdimensional world! Runli was lost in this abnormal space. How could.. Where is this? She was in the corridor of a certain floor, looking out of the window. It was completely dark outside, and if there were some stars, Runli could convince herself that it was in the universe, at least there was a possibility of going back. But there is nothing here. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her shoulder, scaring her almost out of her wits, and when she looked back, it was a woman about her age. Miss, you.. Did you get in here by taking the stairs,jacuzzi manufacturers, too? Come to my house first. My name is Jane Yilian. Like you, I came here by accident. A city, the fishing village where Purple Charm lives. Are you kidding me? Over and over again! 。