The man, with an evil look on his face, was smiling at Yan Baibo. Yan Baibo would not forget his face. Who was not the five evil old men of the Southern Wilderness? Yan Baibo opened his mouth to shout, but he was so frightened that he could not make a sound. With a strange look on his face, the evil old man pressed his lips with his finger and said in a low voice, "Don't shout!" Yan Baibo finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Did you come out of the wall?" "Who says it isn't?" Asked the Five Evil Old Men. Yan Baibo suddenly realized that the other party would suddenly appear here, apparently without good intentions, immediately wary of life, secretly ready to work. The old man laughed and said, "I don't want to do anything to you. Don't be nervous." "Didn't you leave Luoying Pagoda a moment ago?" Asked Yan Baibo? How did you show up here again? "Can't you guess?" Asked the Five Evil Old Men? The old man came in through the secret passage. "This stone pagoda has a secret passage," exclaimed Yan Baibo. "The building of this pagoda is quite complicated," said the five evil old men. "As far as I know, there are fifteen secret passages inside the pagoda, which can lead to the whole pagoda, and several of them lead out of the tower. In addition, there are three underground rooms and underground halls.." In the middle of the speech, he suddenly stopped talking. "So you know the structure of the tower like the palm of your hand," said Yan Baibo, "so you can come and go as you please." "Why is that so difficult?" Asked the old man with a proud smile? Only a few people in the world know this secret, and I am one of them. You should know that I have great powers! "But where did you learn the secret?" Asked Yan Baibo. "When I was a partner with Yu Zhaoshan,China spa factory," said the Five Evil Old Men, "he told me about it. Besides, he told me a shocking secret. If I hadn't done that, why would I have come here from the Central Plains?" "Yes," said Yan Baibo, "Yu Zhaoshan once lived in Luoying Pagoda, but I didn't think of him for a moment." The old man blinked his eyes and said, "Little girl,outdoor spa manufacturers, do you want to go to the secret passage?" Yan Baibo couldn't figure out what the other side was carrying in his heart! After thinking for a moment, he said, "No, I don't know where Brother Yu and Su Baifeng are."! I must wait here for them to come back. Besides, the elder Zuo is the master of the stone pagoda. How can he move freely without his permission? "Are you right?" Asked the Five Evil Old Men? Both Yu and Su are missing? Yan Baibo saw the other side's surprised expression, not like a fake, the heart can be sure that the disappearance of Yu, Su two people have nothing to do with the five evil old man, but only this, make her feel even more worried. "I've just been to their room," said Yan Baibo. "Neither of them is in the room.." The Five Evil Old Men sneered, "Those two boys are very elves. They have also discovered the secret passage in the pagoda. If you want to look for them, you might as well come with me." As soon as Yan Baibo's curiosity grew, his fear was greatly reduced. He thought to himself, indoor endless pool ,whirlpool bathtub, "If Brother Yu really went into the secret passage, it is very likely that they will meet the Five Evil Old Men. They must not be familiar with this pagoda building. If they are caught off guard, they will not be in danger of being plotted against. I will walk with the Five Evil Old Men so that I can warn them when we meet." "All right," he said, "but if you play tricks, you must be careful of my Wudang Sword." She said this to boost her courage, but the five evil old men just smiled darkly and ignored it. He moved forward, raised his left palm and patted a carved table hanging on the wall in the air. Suddenly, the carved table automatically moved inward, revealing a secret door. As soon as the five evil old men dodged and entered the secret door, Yan Baibo had no time to worry, and then he entered. The secret door quickly closed automatically in the room, the oil lamp on the windowsill burst, the fire suddenly went out, and the surroundings were dark again. At this moment, there was a "babble" at the door, and a man came in silently! The man took out the fire and lit the oil lamp again. The light of the fire reflected his tall figure. It was the old man Yu Fu. He looked at the stone wall with his eyes. His face was still light and expressionless. No one could see what he was thinking from his appearance. Yu Fu picked up the oil lamp and walked slowly away from the room. In the silence, the sound of footsteps gradually faded away until it could not be heard. ※※ ※※ ※※ At this time, where did Su Baifeng and Yu Youliang go? The two of them left the stone tower because they were attracted by a strange horse's neigh. Su and Yu lived in adjacent rooms, and with the neigh of horses, they immediately became alert and subconsciously thought of the mysterious knight who had once appeared in the desert before and then disappeared behind the desert, so they jumped out of the stone tower from the window. After landing, the two men saw each other almost at the same time, made a knowing gesture, and both unfolded their figures and flashed toward the other side of the desert. As for Yan Baibo, she did not hear the roar of the horse. At that time, the old man Yu Fu was staying in her room. Yan Baibo was disturbed by his strange words and behavior, so he ignored the past. On the desert, Su Baifeng moved close to Yu Youliang's side and whispered, "Brother, did you hear the horse neigh, too?" Yu Youliang nodded his head and said, "I can't have misheard this again. It's enough to prove that the man and horse I saw first was definitely not an illusion." Su Baifeng said, "There's something very strange about this, so I decided to come down and have a look." Yu Youliang glanced back at the stone pagoda and said, "Miss Yan hasn't come yet. Shall we go back and inform her?" Su Baifeng shook his head and said, "It's too late." Without waiting for Yu Youliang to open his mouth, he said hurriedly, "Someone is coming." Yu Youliang reacted so quickly that he followed Su Baifeng down on the spot and reclined on the back of the sand dune, five feet away from the front of the sandpit. Su Baifeng said, "We are hiding here, but we are still in danger of being exposed. The desert stretches as far as the eye can see, but there is no shelter for us to hide.." Yu Youliang had a brainwave and said, "Yes, you and I will quickly pile up the grains of sand on our bodies. In the middle of the night, we may be able to fool the eyes and ears of others." "All right," said Su Baifeng. At that moment,5 person hot tub, the two men quickly began to pile up grains of sand on each other. Before long, Su Baifeng and Yu Youliang were completely buried under the sand pile from the neck down, leaving only their heads outside.