If the lady looked at the back of the barbarian king left, only felt a soft knee, almost kneeling on the ground! …… How, how did this happen? When will the barbarian king speak so harshly to her? What the hell is going on? How could the barbarian king walk out of her tent?! -How is that possible! Family general, father and brother have no ability, such as the lady sitting on the lady's seat, relying on the favor of the barbarian king, she herself has always been very proud of this, even if the barbarian king in the harem to add many tents, she is still one of the most standing one! …… But what happened today was like giving her a slap in the face in public! “…… Check! Check it carefully for me! For a long time, such as the lady just squeezed out these words from the teeth, "give me to check why the king became like this!"! Go and see whose camp the king has gone to now! If she knew who stabbed her in the back again, she would never let that person go! If the lady inhaled deeply and her eyes flashed a little cold, she would definitely let her understand who was the most noble woman on the prairie! Laughing, the last one can only be her! "Bang!" A delicate porcelain cup was smashed on the ground, reflecting brilliant light. Coming out of Lady Ru's camp, the barbarian king felt even more irritable, and the woman's figure always appeared unconsciously in his mind, with infinite wind/sentiment in every smile, but that kind of wind/sentiment she herself was not aware of, showing a bit of natural charm/confusion, the first beauty in the West,hot tub manufacturers, as expected, was not called in vain. At that moment, the eyes of the barbarian king were even darker. The cold wind blew slowly, not only did not extinguish the irritable fire in the heart of the barbarian king, but blew the flame more and more vigorously, burning his heart irritable, just want to send/vent. Just then, the barbarian king's personal manager came over hesitantly. After saluting the barbarian king,whirlpool hot tub, he whispered, "Your Majesty, I've been ill for three days in the west tent." The West tent refers to the tent of Princess Xicheng. The barbarian king breathed, and then, his heart was filled with ecstasy, she was ill, he was reasonable, should go to see her! After all, the people of the Xicheng Dynasty have not left yet. However, the barbarian king's heart soon emerged some anger, she was ill for three days before telling him? Is this a group of servants to learn/grind her like this? Who gave them the courage?! She's his wife! Who gave them the courage to hide her illness for three days and then report it?! Barbarian king's face became very quickly, first ecstasy and then flew into a rage, his face was gloomy and terrible, kneeling on the ground in the heart of the personal manager secretly complained, this is all what is the matter, outdoor endless pool ,endless pool swim spa, the king is to hate the west into the princess, should also go to see, after all, the west into the people have not gone, he knew that the king did not want to see the west into princess, but deliberately put the news pressure for three days to come up, Why is the king still so angry? But looking at the cold and angry appearance of the barbarian king, where did the personal manager dare to say anything? He was filled with remorse. If he had known, he would not have reported the news. Your Majesty was furious. He was not the messenger who suffered in the end? Really I regret it. Just as the personal manager was suffering unspeakably, the barbarian king spoke slowly, and his eagle eyes were full of hostility. "She was ill for three days before someone reported it, eh?" The voice was not cold, but full of danger. In an instant, the personal manager felt a cold behind him. His brain rang the alarm bell in an instant. Out of a strong sense of survival, he pushed out most of his responsibilities in an instant. He only answered: ".." It is the slave who is not strict. The barbarian king smiled softly, and although the laughter was so light that he could not hear what it meant, it still made the personal manager sweat behind his back, and faintly, the personal manager felt that things seemed a little wrong. The personal manager was in a panic and was about to plead guilty when he heard a sneer from the barbarian king and strode away, looking in the direction of Princess Xicheng's tent. The personal manager looked at his back and hurried to catch up with him. A cold sweat slipped down his forehead, but he didn't have the courage to wipe it. Vaguely, he seemed to realize that he had made a mistake. The king did not seem to hate Princess Xicheng, on the contrary, the king even. I'm very concerned about Princess Xicheng. A cold wind blew through the night, which made the back of the close-fitting manager feel cold. I'm afraid the weather is going to change. Ye Liuqing lay in the tent, her cheeks flushed, her eyes half closed, her eyebrows tightly wrinkled, her lips chapped and pale, and she moved from time to time, spitting out a few tone particles, as if she were trapped in a nightmare. She looked like a pitiful sick beauty. Ye Liuqing's malingering skills were so skilled that even the system 1314 was almost covered by her. Had it not been for Ye Liuqing's vigorous education, he would have really thought that his host had fallen ill! “…… Host, you have been pretending to be sick for three days, "the system 1314 opened feebly," you haven't seen the barbarian king for three days, and you haven't seen the general for three days. It is said that he has delayed leaving on an excuse. If you don't grasp it tightly, pretending to be sick here has no effect! " "You can't eat hot tofu in a hurry," Ye Liuqing answered lazily. "I'm not in a hurry. What's your hurry?" System 1314: "…" Me, me, me, me.. Can I not be in a hurry! I'm worried about you! System 1314 feels like I'm going to cry! "I have been sleeping alone in an empty bed for three days and no one has warmed the bed. I am not in a hurry yet." Ye Liuqing sighed and gave the system 1314 a look faintly, saying, "Empty, lonely and cold." Those five words have a different kind of swing/ripple breath, even the system 1314 without human affairs can detect the ambiguity in those five words, and immediately blush, host, host her.. She. She went too far. Whoo! Don't bully the system like this! Ye Liuqing licked her lips/petals,4 person jacuzzi, which made the chapped lips/petals look even more shocking. At that moment, she entered the state of war/preparedness, because the smell of the coming wind and rain was already coming. monalisa.com