"Don't worry." Ye Xi held her hand, "Cuicui, now only you can help me, would you like to help me?" "Of course I will!" Cuicui was the servant girl brought over by Chu Yunxi's mother, and naturally she was toward their mother and daughter. Okay, then listen to me. After Ye Xi explained to her, he wrote a letter to her. Cuicui hesitated, "Miss, is this letter really all right?" "You can rest assured to send it." "All right, I'll go." Li Sheng suddenly jumped out and said, "My Lord, I know what you want to do!" Ye Xi sat in front of the mirror and looked at his face carefully. Chu Yunxi is really beautiful, with the charm of Jiangnan women, delicate skin, delicate and beautiful facial features, such a soft girl, it is easy to arouse the pity of men. But if it's that man. It's not enough to be beautiful. In Changxuancheng, Bai Xiao is the man that every girl admires. However, it is said that he is ruthless and not close to women. Even the most beautiful female star in Changxuancheng can't get into his eyes. Enchanting, beautiful, lively,Whirlpool bathtub, noble, all kinds of women must have been close to him, but no one can move his heart. However, she is not an ordinary woman. She has become a smart fox. Ye Xi looked in the mirror and gently raised his lips. The girl's face is white and flawless without makeup, but when she smiles, she reveals a charming and moving beauty. "Your Excellency.." said Li Sheng. You really look good in any way. Even with the body of an ordinary girl, I'm afraid no man can resist the seductive charm. The next day, as soon as Chu Hongwen left,hot tub wholesale, Chu Yihan came. Come on, the rickshaw is waiting at the back door. Is that all you brought? Chu Yunxi had only one bag in her hand, and Chu Yihan was a little surprised and wondered if she would want to come back in the future. I've packed all my valuables. Too many clothes are a burden. Besides, I don't have many clothes. After Chu Yunxi's mother died, the valuable things in the family had long been scraped away by Chu Yihan's mother and daughter. Chu Yihan took out a bracelet and gave it to her. "This is my most valuable jewelry. Take it and exchange it for some money." Chu Yunxi naturally could not see whether the bracelet was valuable or not, but when Ye Xi looked at it, he knew that it was just a worthless inferior product. She smiled and took it. "Thank you very much." "I don't know when our sisters will meet later." Chu Yihan said and squeezed out two tears. Then why don't I go? There seems to be nothing wrong with marrying into the Bai family. Chu Yihan's face changed. Ye Xi enjoyed her expression and said with a charming smile, "I'm kidding. Brother Zhang is waiting for me at the dock now." "No, he's right outside. Go quickly and don't let him wait." Chu Yihan almost took her by the arm and sent her out. As expected, Zhang Mingjie was waiting outside, and his eyes lit up when he saw her. "Yun Xi!" Ye Xi turned his head, smiled at Chu Yihan and said, "Yihan, I will remember your kindness today, and one day I will repay you doubly." Chu Yihan felt that her tone was a little strange, outdoor whirlpool ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, and when she laughed, she looked bright in the sunshine. Chu Yunxi, who was soft and weak before, did not seem to be the same person. But Chu Yihan didn't have time to think much about it, so he watched her get into the rickshaw. Chu Yihan finally breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, she wanted to poison Chu Yunxi directly, but she was afraid of being discovered, but as long as Chu Yunxi left with Zhang Mingjie, it was tantamount to being tarnished, even if one day she came back, with her father's character, she would never be allowed to enter the door of the Chu family. Chu family out of Chu Yun Xi, she is the only daughter, when the time comes to marry to enjoy the glory of the white family is not her? What's more, the man she admired most was in the Bai family. She still remembered that day, when she walked out of the school gate, she saw several cars parked in the distance at the entrance of the largest hotel in Changxuancheng, surrounded by many soldiers. The man in military uniform stepped down from the car. His face under his cap was so handsome, and his whole body was full of cold and iron-blooded momentum. Even the high-ranking officials in Changxuancheng were in awe of him. In the past, when the master of the Bai family was still alive, there were four young masters in the Bai family. Later, two of them died in the struggle for power. The remaining two did not marry. One was Bai Yixuan, and the other was Bai Xiao. Who says that if you marry to the Bai family, you have to marry the famous Bai Yixuan? Chu Yihan did not feel wishful thinking at all, on the contrary, she felt that only she could be worthy of the powerful and handsome man. Chu Yun Xi doesn't know anything, she doesn't even deserve Bai Yixuan, and she can only follow a gangster like Zhang Mingjie. On the way, Zhang Mingjie suddenly got out of the car and came back a moment later with a ice-sugar gourds in her hand. Ye Xi is not interested in this thing at all, and is too lazy to connect. Don't you like ice-sugar gourds? It's not that she doesn't like it, but that it was handed over from Zhang Mingjie, and she felt superfluous even if she looked at it more. I'm not eating. I'm nervous. "Don't be nervous." Zhang Mingjie wanted to hold her hand, but she dodged, stunned, saw her red ears, thought she was shy. Her hair was blown by the wind, her side face was delicate and soft, and when her peach blossom eyes were slightly raised, it seemed that they could hook people's souls. Zhang Mingjie has always thought she is very beautiful, but at the moment she is so beautiful that people almost suffocate. He had been infatuated with beauty, but Chu Yunxi had always been conservative, naive and cowardly. Every time he wanted to touch her, he was afraid that he would resist. At the moment, he was so confused that he couldn't help reaching out to hold her in his arms. . It will be his people sooner or later. However, at the moment when his hand was about to touch her, there was a sudden violent thunder in the sky, which made him almost fall down. No,endless swim pool, are you all right, Yunxi? Are you afraid? Ye Xi glanced at him. I'm not afraid, but your face is white. 。 monalisa.com