Seeing this, Silver Mane snorted coldly again and said angrily, "I don't want to see you embarrassed now. What I want is how to solve the current problem.". A bunch of fools, damn it, have made a big trouble for me. What should I do now? If I can't seal it, I'll wait for everyone to go to hell together. "If you can seal it, please try your best to hold on to the situation. Don't let them rush out. Let us deal with the rest." In the midst of the angry voice of the silver mane, a steady female voice sounded, accompanied by a series of footsteps outside the hall. Lou Xing's master arrived with a group of people. Wind and cloud gather together, all the tycoons in the mainland are here. Can seal? Lou Xing, do you have a way? The Lord of the Ice Holy Palace stood up and looked at all the people of Lou Xing's family who were walking quickly. Behind him, the Lord of Lingnan, the Lord of Haishenzong and the Lord of Shuangye, so that the cloud killed Tianjun and fell feathers, and the little silver, the little red, and even the silver mane, all looked at Lou Xing's Lord. Can Lou Xing home master quickly entered, in the face of the crowd's inquiry, a heavy nod. This nod, this sonorous and forceful response. Suddenly let the hearts of all the people in their throats, the heart fell down together. Can seal, can let those dragons and super Warcraft undead, not for the disaster continent, this is good, this is good. What can you do? Silver mane listens to have a way, the temper is not so irritable and furious, staring at Lou Xing's master asked. One side of the sea ink wind and Lingnan Shaozhu, immediately stood up together, for Lou Xing family owner to give up his seat. The Mystery of Life 7 Master Lou Xing took one look at the silver mane when he heard this. He didn't keep me in suspense at this time. His face was very calm and he said, "I just heard something ethereal.". I, Lou Xing,endless swimming pool, am sorry for Piaomiao. In the future, I, Lou Xing, should atone for Piaomiao. Now, apart from the contribution of the guardian of the misty clan, I am telling you something, which should be more detailed than the record of the Poseidon Sect. The way to seal the realm of the gods again is also among them. When they heard this, they immediately pricked up their ears and listened carefully. Seeing this, the head of Lou Xing's family coughed and said in a deep voice, "The Sea God Sect has records about the realm of the gods and the underworld. That's because the Sea God Sect knows water. Where there is water, there are them, so they know something about it.". I think Poseidon has already told everyone what they know, so I won't repeat this aspect. What I want to say is that in the war of destruction, who finally sealed the undead of Warcraft who were commanded by others? Speaking of this, Lou Xing's master paused for a moment and then said, "There is no doubt that the spirits of the dead are powerful, but as dead bones, jacuzzi bath spa ,american hot tub, there is no way to be reborn.". And why they are reborn, this is not the problem of Warcraft, but there is an evil force in the realm of God, which can make their limbs live again and lose their souls. And the most important thing is that this power is used by people, so that the dead listen to their words, under their command, as their tools, and finally there will be such a fierce battle. When Luoyu heard this, he looked up and looked at the cloud and the sky. That Liu Biyao and that black robe person, they are certainly the person who uses that evil power. Speaking of this, Lou Xing looked up at the silver mane and said, "Guardian, you should know that the altar for suppressing the spirits of the dead and the evil forces in the realm of the underworld is based on six directions." Silver Mane nodded his head when he heard this. The five corners of the pentagram are five directions. And in the middle is the sixth party. This is the seal array forged by the six top masters at the beginning. Lou Xing's master took a breath and said, "Six parties, six people. Everyone thought it was six people who sealed it successfully.". In fact, it was not the case. At that time, it was sealed by seven people in seven directions. The five corners are the five directions of heaven and earth, and what is sealed is the power of evil The Mystery of Life 8 It cuts off the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, so that it can not breed and spread. And the two sides in the center are two peerless strong men, who seal the bodies of the undead with the power of restraint from the undead and evil forces. "Restraint?" The sea ink wind reacts the fastest and grasps the most critical place in an instant. Lou Xing took one look at Hai Mo Feng and nodded: "Yes, the undead also have something to fear, and the power of evil also has the energy of restraint.". Just like day and night, the cycle is endless. Lou Xing's words said here, almost all the people present understood. That's right. Night and day, ice and snow and scorching sun, water and fire are mutually reinforcing. It is impossible for heaven and earth to let one thing dominate. Silver Mane nods, this word is very reliable, should be such. Now that Lou Xing has made such a statement, she must have something in her hands to restrain the spirits of the dead and the forces of evil. Lou Xing, then seal it quickly. Poseidon took a big breath. Lou Xing's master shook his head when he heard this: "I don't have this kind of power. You listen to me first." Then he went on to say, "There is no other power in the world that can restrain the powers of the undead and evil, and only those two peerless strong men are gifted to do it.". Therefore, on the eve of the seal, the two strong men recorded all the things related to this aspect and passed them down to their descendants. The fear is that one day these evils will come. I didn't think it would come now. And now it is not difficult to seal again, as long as we find the clan left behind by the two strong men, and find the descendants who have inherited their natural abilities. Lou Xing's voice fell, and there was a moment of silence in the middle of the hall. After half a ring, the cloud killed the sky and suddenly said in a deep voice, "Since Lord Lou Xing knows so clearly, he must have found them." As soon as the words came out, the people in the hall who were thinking about how to look for them immediately focused their attention on Lou Xing's master again. Lou Xingjia Lord Wen Yan took a look at the cloud and the sky, and actually nodded: "Yes, but I didn't find it, but it was right beside us, but we didn't know.". The Mystery of Life 9 He told me all that I just said. With that, she reached out her hand and patted Lord Feiyu, who was sitting beside her, and said in a deep voice, "Son-in-law,endless swim spa, I'll leave it to you." As soon as the sound fell, several people in the hall looked surprised to varying degrees, among which Luoyu was the worst.