The weapon that caused these injuries was actually near the sac, which was a mesh of whiskers similar to thorns or shrubs, with roots tightly connected to the bottom of the sac. When the monster in the meat sac breathed slowly, the whiskers seemed calm and harmless, but the white shadow knew that the whiskers were quite terrible under the drive of hunger instinct. This can be proved by the shadows piled up under the whiskers, which are mountains of monster carapaces, and the ferocity and horror of the monsters in their lifetime can be seen. But now they are just some gray and fragile shells, and the nutrient-rich meat inside has been sucked clean by the meat whiskers. However Even knowing that it was extremely dangerous, the white shadow involuntarily lingered for a moment near the meat sac and the feeding whiskers, looking at the monster still sleeping in the meat sac. Lin Xi. Then he called out the monster's name carefully. At the moment when its voice fell, the flesh sac, which had been unusually calm, suddenly twitched and swelled violently. The white shadow shrank its wings and tentacles, and it ran quickly towards the edge of the crypt to ensure that it could escape the feeding range of those terrible whiskers in the shortest possible time. Then he hid his figure behind a large rock on the edge of the cave, and after a long time, he carefully poked his head out of the edge of the rock. It looked at the still twitching flesh sac,steatite c221, and its tentacles kept fluttering above its head. Poof.. With a wet sound, the white shadow suddenly opened its eyes wide. It was shocked to see a pale hand pushing aside the surface of the translucent flesh sac and then groping out. Chapter 103 Lin Xi woke up. Although at the moment of waking up, he felt terrible. Liquid, or mucus.. It was wrapped around him, and some soft tubes were tightly bound to his body. He was almost suffocating, and his body was so weak that he could not move. Linxi's first reaction was that there was something wrong with the sleeping cabin. He felt as if he was going to be melted and swallowed by the mucus. After a short awakening,10g Ozone Generator, his consciousness seemed to be in a dark sleep again. Linxi instinctively opened his mouth and let out a silent cry of pain for help, but his lips moved and a large amount of fishy liquid poured into his throat. A series of bubbles suddenly appeared in Lin Xi's mouth. With his eyes closed, he struggled and waved his arms in an attempt to touch the emergency help button inside the sleeping cabin. But in all his struggles, what he felt was not the hard synthetic inner wall, but. It is a thick, soft fleshy membrane that seems to have a faint temperature. Things don't seem to be quite right.. Lin Xi felt extremely panicked. Perhaps the only good thing is that those membranes are not indestructible. After a frantic struggle, Lin Xi finally forced a tear on the surface of the fleshy membrane. This is simply Linxi's life-saving straw, he can not care so much, he first stretched out one of his hands, followed by his shoulders and head. Finally, with his efforts, alumina c799 ,Alumina Ceramic C795, his whole person was wrapped in a large mass of sticky liquid, and was squeezed out of the meat membrane together. He fell to the ground and hit his face on the hard, wet ground. Cough, cough, cough. The outside air is slightly cool, Lin Xi has a layer of goose bumps, he can not control the cough, and began to fight a cold war. He felt like a newborn baby, and an unprecedented weakness attacked him, confusing him and frightening him. This is the Helios crew.. Lindsey Drake.. Is anybody there? Cough, cough. I need help.. Lin Xi gasped and shouted around. After opening his mouth, he found that his voice became more hoarse than before, so that every word he uttered was like the neigh of some animal rather than a human voice. Maybe that's why? There was only silence, and no one responded to him. Lin Xi coughed up several masses of mucus from his lungs, and it was a long time before he managed to accumulate some strength. He put his elbows on the ground, straightened up with difficulty, and looked around him. After seeing the surroundings clearly, for a moment, Lin Xi almost thought he was still in a dream. His last memory was.. It was Bryce who stood beside him the moment the Helios stepped into the sleeping chamber. The jump is coming soon. When you wake up, we will probably be on the earth. Take the opportunity to enjoy your good dreams. Man. And Linsey, Linsey seems to be joking with Bryce. God, you must be enjoying this time without me. I can see your joy in your face. Then he lay down and let the buffer gel wrap him slowly, then the green light that gradually lit up from outside the stasis cabin, and the vision that quickly became blurred under the effect of the potion. In theory, when Linsey wakes up. He should be in the pod, too. But look around now, even if you don't know where you are, Linxi can be sure that this is not the Helios. Lin Xizheng is in a cave. The interior of the cave is basically round, and the surface of the inner wall of the cave, which can not be seen, is covered with gullies, as if it was carved out with some sharp weapon. At his feet, where he had just struggled to get away, it was a thick, soft fleshy membrane of invisible material, now drooping and squashed together by the loss of liquid and contents. The air in the cave is humid,ceramic igniter electrodes, filled with a faint sweet and fishy smell. The smell reminded Lin Xi of the smell he emitted from the winding and ravine nest when he followed his father to destroy the termite nest in the backyard when he was a child. Linsey sniffed, and he felt worse and worse. What on earth is this. He pressed his temple hard, trying to find out what had happened to him.