It turned out that the cold-blooded knife had left three words on the willow tree, 'Little Chicken Woman'. As soon as Gou Xiong saw the word, he couldn't help laughing and said, "I've been doing it for a long time. It was left to me." "Master Gou, why did he leave?" Gou Xiong thought for a moment and replied, "Maybe he doesn't want to confront me directly. Maybe he doesn't know me at all, or there are other reasons." Eichiro did not answer. He turned his eyes and said, "But from this, there is no doubt that he is intentionally following you." "What is this for?" Eichiro asked with a wry smile. "***!" Gou Xiong said suspiciously. It's not related to your work, is it? Eichiro said without hesitation: "I believe not!" "What makes you so sure?" Eichiro said directly: "I do the work, there is no possibility of disputes with others." "***, what are you doing?" Eichiro said confidently, "I have bought the best saltpeter and sulfur for my master. I don't have any research in this respect." Gou Xiong asked, "Does your master open a pharmacy?" "No, in the firecracker business." "What is your master's name?" "His surname is Li, and everyone calls him Fireworks Li." "Not a Jianghu man, are you?" Eichiro shook his head and said, "He is not a Jianghu man." "Oh," Gou Xiongman answered. Eichiro went on to say, "He and my father were old friends. When my father died, he also went to the house to offer sacrifices. At that time, I told him about my father's legacy. He happened to be missing a person who knew how to buy saltpeter and sulfur, so he arranged this job for me." "Where did he make these firecrackers?" "In his courtyard." "Oh, ***, I'm sure that courtyard is not small." Eichiro admitted: "It's really not small!" Gou Xiong suddenly asked, "Didn't you say just now that you were staying in the woodshed these two nights?" "As if you suspect me of telling a lie?" "***,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, I'm just wondering!" Gou Xiong said, "Why didn't Fireworks Li arrange a place for you to live in the courtyard?" "This is because there are some strange people coming in and out of the courtyard from time to time, and he doesn't want me to have too much contact with them." "***, so there's really no reason to track you like this in cold blood." "But he has been tracking it for three days." Gou Xiong couldn't help laughing and said, "Oh, ***, that's why it's so strange.". If you are cold-blooded and like to laugh (joke), I believe you will never find a stranger, and not Jianghu people, to make such a joke, but also a chase is three days. Eichiro answered. That's what I mean. Gou Xiong thought for a moment and asked, "Where is the courtyard of Fireworks Li?" Eichiro pointed to the front: "There is a river ahead, and there is a big courtyard beside the river." "That courtyard belongs to Fireworks Li." Eichiro nodded his head. Gou Xiong said casually, ceramic bobbin heater core ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, "Anyway, it's on the way. I'll go with you." Eichiro said gratefully, "Thank you, Master Gou, for your help.." Gou Xiong suddenly said, "That's not very auspicious. The last time someone called me that, I almost became a murderer. So please don't call me that.". Let's call it'you and me '! "It's better to obey orders than to be respectful." "Since I promised to help you, I will leave Panshi County after the matter is settled." "I'm afraid I'll delay your business." "Wow, ***, things are blocked (met), I will feel good (uncomfortable) if I don't get involved." "Where are you spending the night tonight?" Eichiro asked with concern. Gou Xiong smiled and said, "There are few inns in the city. People are always worried about me." With that, his eyes fell on the willow tree again. Hey, this is a cold-blooded gift for me. When Eichiro heard this, he turned around and was about to say something when Gou Xiong took over and said, "What do you see in these three words?" "He doesn't like interference." "Other than that?" Eichiro said in surprise, "Do these three words have any other meanings?" "No?" Gou Xiong asked in reply. I don't understand. ” Gou Xiong hastened to explain: "These three words have been exposed.". Therefore, this tracking must be of great importance. Jiang Ichiro smiled bitterly. So, if I get involved in this matter, he will find me sooner or later, and then I will ask for you clearly. He led the horse to go. Jiang Ichiro followed closely behind, and his look now was not as disconcerting as it had just been. Because Gou Xiong has promised to help him. When they came to the river, the sky was already covered with clouds. After walking around the courtyard for four weeks, they returned to the front gate. Gou Xiong stopped and said, "This courtyard is quite big." "It's said that there are seven entries altogether," said Eichiro. Gou Xiong said in surprise, "Oh, ***, didn't you walk all over the courtyard?" Jiang Lang shook his head and said, "No, after the third entry, it will be the forbidden area of the Villa. You must be accompanied by the Villa Leader, or have a special waist card issued by the Villa Leader.". To get in and out freely. "Or else?" "Death is certain!" "***, is it really so strict?" Jiang Lang spread out his hands and said, "I don't know whether this is the case or not. Anyway, we should follow the orders of the master as servants. This is the minimum condition for being a servant." Gou Xiong was silent for a while. Fang said, "Wow, if you say so, is there any secret hidden in this courtyard?" "I don't know about that!" "***, there must be something strange in it!" "So I wanted to ask you to go in and rest," Eichiro said regretfully. I can't do it. Gou Xiong turned his eyes to the gate of the courtyard and asked, "Do you need Li's permission to enter this gate?" Jiang Lang nodded and said, "There are guards behind the gate day and night. All the people who work here have a waist card." "Oh,Ceramic Band Heater, I didn't expect this courtyard to be even stricter than the Yamen." He said nothing more and turned to walk. Suddenly, he put his feet down again. At that moment, two men were walking towards the courtyard.