Not long after, the eldest princess came as expected. After breakfast, Yue Xiaofei was about to leave and return to Wuguan General Town, but the eldest princess said: "Yue Messenger, congratulations. The religious leader summoned me last night and said on the spot that he liked you very much." Yue Xiaofei seemed to have been hit on the head with a stick. He was stunned and said, "The religious leader has appointed his subordinates as the messengers of the customs patrol. What else is there?" Do you like it? The eldest princess giggled and said, "Messenger Yue, you are a child after all. Are you satisfied just to be a messenger?" Did you? "So what does the religious leader want his subordinates to do?" "I won't tell you for the time being, but I must let you know right away that you don't have to go back to Wuguan Town for the time being." "Do you want your subordinates to stay with the eldest princess?" "That's not true. The religious leader specially allows you to visit Fuguocheng. Most people have been in Tiangu for many years. Where is Fuguocheng?" You don't even know it, but it's a great honor for you to be able to visit. "Where is Phu Quoc City and what's there to see?" "You don't have to ask, you'll understand." "Who is going down with his subordinates?" "Of course it's me." "Subordinates know that the eldest princess is very busy, how dare you work again." "Of all the people you know, there is no one else who can take you to Phu Quoc." "But what is the reason?" "Because I am the only one who can freely enter and leave the city of Phu Quoc, and other people, even the head of the Xiao Museum and the town of Vice General Manager Hua, if they can't get a teacher." The notification token issued by the Lord himself is also unable to enter and leave Phu Quoc City. The eldest princess stood up and said, "You stay here for a while. I'll change my clothes and take you out right away." When the eldest princess re-entered the living room, although it was still a white dress and white skirt, the periphery of the jacket and the neckline were inlaid with dark green. Luminous brocade edge, the chest is also embroidered with orchid patterns,heavy duty cantilever racks, in the pure and high, but also more than a quiet and abundant charm. Peach Blossom looked forward to it and asked, "Princess, can you go with me?" "Of course you must go with me," said the eldest princess. "Along the way, besides taking care of me, you must also take care of the messenger Yue." The peach blossom is really overjoyed. Out of the willow forest,wire mesh decking, not to the direction of the altar, but by another road, into a valley road. The cliffs on both sides of the valley road are not high, and the highest point is only three or five Zhangs. Had it not been for the eldest princess and the peach blossoms, Yue Xiaofei would have jumped to the top of the cliff to see what was ahead. Although the cliffs on both sides are not high, the valley road is very long, and it looks like it was cut by hand. Yue Xiaofei is confident that this idea will not be wrong, because outside the cliffs on both sides, it is not a mountain, and there are probably many secret facilities. It is inconvenient to be peeped through, and no one who walks within the valley road can jump to the top of the cliff. The man walked three or four miles and never got out of the valley road. Yue Xiaofei couldn't help asking, "How long is this valley road?" "It's almost the end," said the Grand Princess. "It's not far from the mouth of the valley. The city of Phu Quoc is just ahead." Yue Xiaofei said, "I've been walking along the Valley Road for so long. Why can't I see anyone coming and going?" The eldest princess said, mobile racking systems ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, "This valley road is not for ordinary people to go in and out. Of course, it's not easy to see people coming and going." "But there was no sentry at the entrance and along the way?" "To tell you the truth, there are twelve sentries in charge of surveillance in this valley road, but you can't see it." "Why don't they interrogate us?" Asked Yue Xiaofei, who was secretly shocked. The eldest princess laughed and said, "With me leading the way, what else do they have to check?"? If you try to break in alone, even if you No matter how good your martial arts are, you can't break through. Out of the mouth of the valley, there are dense forests on both sides. The range of the dense forest is very wide, and the road seems to be in the middle of the dense forest, so it is impossible to see what is most like outside the forest. Not only that, even the sky is covered by the shade of trees, if the midsummer season, walking here, must be very refreshing. Yue Xiaofei accosted her and said, "Princess, this road is really a wonder of the world. People who come here to enjoy the cool air in summer must be here." Many The eldest princess laughed and said, "There are not many people who are qualified to walk on this road.". ” "Is there still a ban nearby?" Asked Yue Xiaofei. The eldest princess nodded and said, "Yes, there are prohibitions everywhere in the forest on both sides. Some are set up by organs, and some are buried in the dark." It's just that outsiders can't see it. Out of the dense forest, Yue Xiaofei could not help but feel a shock in his heart, but in front of him was a cliff tens of feet high and straight as a cut. A city gate appeared under the wall. The gate opened at the bottom of the cliff, and the cliff just made a natural wall. Such a wall can really be called one. The husband is in charge of the pass, and ten thousand men cannot enter. Not far from the city gate, he saw three huge gold characters written above the city gate-Fuguocheng. At the gate stood four guards with swords and swords. When they saw the eldest princess, they bowed in unison. The eldest princess answered one by one and took Yue Xiaofei and peach blossom through the city gate. After the city gate, Yue Xiaofei was surprised again. He only said that he must enter the mountainside inside the city gate, but he did not know that there was another world. It turned out to be the towering mountain wall of the city wall, and inside it was a field of several miles, forming another valley outside the Valley of Heaven. Not far into the city, there is a building on the road is a majestic mansion, the gate above a side of the'rich and powerful city 'giant. Type plaque. There is also a guard with a knife outside the mansion. After the guardian had seen the eldest princess, he asked, "Does the eldest princess want to see the castellan?" "If you don't mind telling the Lord," said the eldest princess, "I'll come to pay my respects." The guardian answered and went away. Yue Xiaofei asked blankly, "Princess, the Lord of Fuguo seems to have a high status." "Not only is he very high," said the eldest princess, "but even the religious leader has to respect him. For example, if I go to Zhaoxian Hall or Wuguan, the head of Zhaoxian Hall And the commander of the five passes should come out respectfully to greet them, but when they come to the rich country. But I must first pay my respects to the Lord of the rich city. Yue Xiaofei could not help thinking that among the five passes,industrial racking systems, only the little hunchbacked old man, the commander of Wu Pass, had visited him with Ding Tao and Gan Lin last time.