"Nu Wa has seen her sister!" Nu Wa, however, was not in a hurry to see Fu Xi. Instead, she came to Houtu. After all, Nu Wa is a person of destiny. She understands that there is a great chance and cause and effect between her and Houtu, so let's get to know each other first! "How polite this sister is.". Houtu can't afford it. If Houtu's induction is good, the tens of thousands of gods in Baiyujing are not my sister's opponents! Houtu said with an indifferent smile. Nu Wa did not deny it either, but said with a smiling face, "But it was my elder sister who praised my younger sister.". The younger sister is good at watching the luck of all living beings. She sees that her elder sister's head is yellow, her feet are on the earth, and all the living beings in the world bear her great kindness. She is afraid that her elder sister will not be far away. When Houtu heard Nu Wa's words, he sighed softly, "Isn't it the same with my sister?"? Heaven, earth, and living beings have been destined to be the three paths since Pangu's father God created heaven. Hongjun is a person with the destiny of heaven, who has the jade certificate of creation and can be in line with the way of heaven; Houtu is not talented, and as the God of the earth, he has to evolve into reincarnation; and my sister is a person who is sentimentally attached to the great way, who opens the way of all living beings with her human body, which is really a deep blessing! Hongjun and I are both Pangu. It's a matter of fate to be in harmony with the way of heaven and the evolution of reincarnation. It's a chance and a disaster, but it's not as carefree as my sister! "Sister must not belittle herself, there is a chance of survival under the road.". Hongjun is now practicing Taoism, and even if he fits into the Tao of Heaven in the future, I'm afraid he won't be controlled by Heaven. But the elder sister evolves the reincarnation, although has the disaster which falls,heavy duty rack manufacturers, but who can say that does not have a chance of survival? In the younger sister's view, although the reincarnation of this day is dominated by Hongjun and his sister, many Pangu gods have some cause and effect. With Hongjun's achievements today, he doesn't need external help, and he can fit in with the way of heaven safely. After all, the elder sister has not yet demonstrated the mixed elements, and this evolution of reincarnation still needs to be discussed with Pangu! Nu Wa's beautiful eyes shine with the light of wisdom, hitting the nail on the head. As expected, the younger sister is blessed with deep luck and extraordinary wisdom. Humanity replaces sentient beings,shuttle rack system, but it is a foregone conclusion! Houtu said lightly. Those who have great supernatural powers must be accompanied by the mandate of heaven. Houtu is destined to evolve into reincarnation and achieve the way of earth in the three pillars of heaven, earth and man in the prehistoric universe. This statement represents that the way of earth recognizes that humanity replaces all living beings, and that Nuwa becomes the way of man in heaven, earth and man. In terms of strength, when Houtu and Nuwa joined hands, they did not know the enemy of Hongjun's hand, but the three pillars of heaven, earth and man were the three pillars on which the prehistoric universe depended for its existence. The combination of the tunnel pillar and the humanitarian pillar was enough to defeat the pillar of heaven. Of course, in any case, the purpose of the three pillars of heaven, earth and man should be based on the prosperity and prosperity of the prehistoric universe. If this purpose is violated, the power of the invisible road will correct itself. Only in this way can there be changes in the growth and decline of Qi and the rise and fall of all things, and merit and virtue will come out accordingly. Although Houtu has mastered the power of the prehistoric earth, he does not know when he will be able to achieve it if he wants to prove the truth. And after Hongjun fits the way of heaven, reincarnation has to evolve. The samsara of heaven is the embodiment of the pillars of heaven and earth. Heaven and earth come first, and then there are all living beings. Therefore, this is also the reason why Nu Wa respects Houtu as her elder sister. The virtue of Houtu lies in carrying all things. Hundreds of thousands of yuan will come, cantilever racking system ,shuttle rack system, and under the accumulation of merits and virtues, Houtu has already understood the responsibility of evolution and reincarnation. It's just that she can't let go of the witches. The sorcery clan grew up under the watchful eyes of Houtu and many ancestral sorceries. Originally, the sorcery clan had no connection with the ancestral sorcery, but they were both Pangu's blood, one was Pangu's family, the other was Pangu deity, and their attributes were similar, so the ancestral sorceries had selfless help to the sorcery clan, so the sorcerer clan recognized these Pangu deities as ancestral sorcerers. As a result, the luck of the sorcery clan was entangled with that of the ancestral sorcery clan, which led to the grand occasion of the witchcraft clan today. But after all, Houtu is not only the ancestor witch of the sorcery clan, she is the God of the earth, carrying things with great virtue. It carries all the creatures living on the earth, whether they are witches, demons, casual practitioners, gods, creatures, ants, rocks, plants, flowers and fruits, fish and shrimps, birds, animals, etc. Everything living on the earth is the way of the earth and the pillar of the way of the earth! Therefore, when Houtu can put aside the enmity between the Lich and see through the essence of the way of the earth, that is, when the way of Houtu is accomplished. At that time, the evolution and reincarnation of Houtu is a near miss. Fuxi, who is that God? It's the first time in so many years that Ben Di has seen you so excited! Emperor Jun saw that Fuxi had been out of his mind, so he asked in surprise. Do you have a crush on that God? Do you want Ben to make a match for you? "Oh!" Fuxi looked back blankly, and then he saw Emperor Jun looking at him with concern. Those demons and gods all looked at Fuxi as if they wanted to laugh or not, which made Fuxi confused for a moment. It seems that Fuxi really likes others. Kun Peng, your eyes are vicious. Is there any hope for Fuxi? Donghuang Taiyi smiled at the ROC. Kunpeng glanced at Nuwa in the distance and opened his mouth wide, but he could not say a word. Among the demons present, only Kunpeng clearly knew the origin and strength of Nuwa. Now that Nuwa appears, there must be nine sons of the divine dragon and five phoenixes of the divine phoenix. This force is not much weaker than the high-end force of heaven. Moreover, Nu Wa's own strength has left an indelible mark in Kunpeng's heart, and whether Fuxi likes Nu Wa or not, it has nothing to do with him, so Kunpeng did not know how to speak for a while. But here, Dijun asked again. But it attracted Taiyi's eyes. The God was none other than Fuxi's younger sister. My sister and I have hundreds of thousands of yuan will not meet, now the road pity, but let our brother and sister meet here! With these words, Fuxi was still a little sad. It's just my sister! Fuxi, then go and catch up with your sister! Emperor Jun in the end is to do hundreds of thousands of yuan will be the emperor of heaven, the eyes of the vicious place, than the kunpeng is not much, so the meaning of Fuxi said, in which the tone of the word sister is particularly important. After Fuxi left, all the demons and gods talked together about how Fuxi and his sister were. In this atmosphere, Emperor Jun suddenly took a look at Tai Yi and Xi He,asrs warehouse, and for a time Tai Yi and Xi He also had some feelings. Three people look at each other, although there are thousands of words in the heart, but can not say at this time. jracking.com