Liu Feng tilted his head and thought about it, nodded in agreement, pointed to Danny, and the other five left quietly, then Liu Feng returned to his seat and stopped looking at the others. Gerald had no choice but to accept the fact and scold the old fox in his heart, but he also knew that it was the only way in that situation. Now he could only hope that the Zoroastrian masters could continue to help his son secretly. Although his son is also close to the peak of the ninth level, but the actual combat experience is not rich, from the battle with the ninth level just now, we can see that the strength of the two should be equal, but his son is at a disadvantage, many places are very naive to deal with. And this Danny, since he was chosen by Nicholas, should be the strongest of the remaining six, and his son is probably no match. This is Gerrard's mistake, Liu Feng chose Danny not because Danny is the strongest, but just because Danny likes Christina, but one thing Gerrard is not wrong, even Danny, his baby son is not an opponent. The battle between the two men continued the scene of the last Owen match. Danny suppressed Owen completely, but Owen was close to the peak of nine levels after all, so although the scene was extremely inferior, he could not lose for a while, but Danny's skillful fighting skills proved that Owen was not far from losing. Owen's face rose red, but was beaten without the power to fight back, angry roar is also useless, but the heart is thinking why the master of Zoroastrianism has not shot. Christina in the stands watched the game excitedly and began to add oil to Danny involuntarily,drive in racking system, but her father gave her a hard look and stuck out her tongue. Although she dared not continue to show her support brazenly, she was still happy. Danny is a straight punch, no fancy hit Owen's chest, in a large number of battles Danny also summed up a set of fighting methods suitable for their own, abandoned the gorgeous and complex moves, replaced by the simplest, fastest, most direct attack, and this way of fighting even the lowest level of martial arts are disdainful of Danny's body shine brilliantly! A straight punch hit Owen heavily in the chest, Owen only felt his chest, his face was more ruddy, almost out of breath, was suffering, warehouse pallet racks ,mobile racking systems, Danny's whip leg had been heavily pulled towards Owen's neck! If this is true, I'm afraid Owen will be seriously injured even if he doesn't die! At that moment, Owen's breath suddenly became fierce again! The right arm quickly propped up, easily blocked Danny's powerful whip leg, and then unreasonably stretched his leg to Danny, so fast that Danny could not react at all. Danny heart cried out, did not expect this Owen suddenly became so much stronger, is it really all in the hidden strength before? It's impossible.. Just when Danny was a little resigned, a strange force came up from somewhere in his body, which instantly controlled his whole body, and then Danny retreated with an incredible degree, and then rushed forward again, another simple straight punch, which hit Owen hard on the soles of his feet! "呯 ! " Owen screamed and retreated six or seven steps before he steadied himself and looked at Danny in shock, wondering why he had been shaken back when he had been controlled by the holy order of Zoroastrianism and had wielded the greatest potential fighting power. Danny was also shocked to slanting his head, and now the young master of his family in the stands was blinking at him, knowing that it must be the young master who played tricks, but the other side could become so tough in a short time, and there must be a master behind him. "Danny, your way of fighting is right up my alley, but there are still a lot of places that are too rough. Watch carefully. I'll show you what it means to really rely on the body to fight." Liu Feng's voice suddenly sounded in Danny's mind. Danny was shocked, and now he had lost control of his body. Except for his five senses, he was like an outsider, watching the movements of his body. Look, I'm not going to use more power than you have, but you know, you're far from really wielding the maximum power you can now. Liu Feng said, controlling Danny to bully Owen, and a series of combination punches went down like a storm! Owen just stood still, but the Zoroastrian master who obviously controlled his body was not very adapted, suddenly facing the dazzling fists, for a moment very embarrassed. Although the master of Zoroastrianism controlled Owen's body and forced Owen's physical ability to the peak of nine levels, it was obvious that the master of Zoroastrianism was far inferior to Liu Feng in his understanding of fighting. So much so that Liu Feng just used Danny's own power to beat Owen back and forth. Liu Feng's claim to be invincible in street fighting in another world is not boastful. Even though he is not as good as those who have been systematically trained in the application of physical skills, Liu Feng also has his own advantages, that is, Liu Feng is not an athlete. All his moves are aimed at killing and are very strong in actual combat. Liu Feng agreed that those competitions in the other world had completely abandoned the essence of fighting, and those who were fighting could not be called real fighters, they were just athletes. Real combat, how can it not be allowed to attack the vulva, eyes, throat and so on these vital parts of the human body? Attacking the enemy must be saved is the most basic requirement of combat! How can the battle of hands and feet really reflect the difference in strength? So although Liu Feng has not experienced systematic training, he is still confident to defeat those so-called professional fighters! After a series of combination boxing,heavy duty cantilever racks, Liu Feng played very well, barely a simple warm body, Liu Feng began the real battle!.