The Oolong tea diet is a fusion of four distinct t Asian teas, strong antioxidants and herbs made to help you lose those extra pounds. Available in liquid softgels, researchers claim that the acim bookstore  in this tea concentrate can help with the battle of the bulge while others are skeptical about its effectiveness.

An Oolong tea diet is not a traditional diet plan. Touted as a "potent fat-burning fusion" the softgels contain Oolong, matcha, green and white teas. Each is processed in a different way and then blended together to provide the unique health benefits of each tea. The white and green teas contain high concentrations of EGCG, an antioxidant known for its ability to burn calories. The matcha and Oolong teas contain natural polyphenals, another type of antioxidant known for a variety of health benefits.

Also, keep in mind that many people confuse the Oolong tea diet with the Oolong tea for dieting or think these phrases mean the same thing. The distinction is that the tea diet refers to the softgels white the tea for dieting refers to the actual tea.

Several studies do show that some people lose weight with the softgels when used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet. However, many fads and exaggerated claims exist about its effectiveness and most study results are largely inconclusive. One thing is clear: the claim that if you "drink Oolong tea you will lose a jeans size every 7 days" is certainly exaggerated.