Egypt has a huge appetite for food delivery, with an estimated market value of around $2.5 billion. One of the major contributors to this market is Hadeer Shalaby, an entrepreneur who was appointed in January as general manager of Talabat Misr.

ارخص تطبيق توصيل طلبات

Shalaby started her working life as an entrepreneur with the “Sahel Taxi” project, which is a taxi company operating in the Egyptian northern coast, which is a summer haven for most urban residents. After a few months of its entrepreneurial journey, this taxi company was acquired by Careem. Since then, she has moved up the stairs of the Careem hierarchy until she was appointed to the top of the food delivery chain at Delivery Hero’s Talabat.
This is Hadeer Shalabi in a nutshell. Her extensive experience in fleets, logistics and delivery inspired us to have a conversation about food delivery as a market, as the future, and as a tool to help small and medium businesses.

What do you think of the delivery scene in Egypt?
Egypt is all about food delivery. We grew up with it as a service that the entire community can count on. As for the online food delivery scene, I would say we are still very early in this journey, not just Talabat but the entire industry. We focus on expanding it and making the community realize and understand that online ordering is more efficient for them i.e. for customer, seller and rider. Technology makes everything easier, faster and provides a better experience.

توصيل طلبات الرياض
So what we need to do is to make it smoother than it is today and payment a lot easier, to take advantage of more options and products on the platform and customize it more for our customers so that they can do everything they do with a phone today simply on the app tomorrow without having to call anyone.
We will continue to drive the growth of the delivery sector, opening up new jobs and new opportunities for the Egyptian society. We're also committed to our SME community, who represent around 96% of our sellers, and focus on helping them expand.