The ceramic soup bowl with lid and handle is beautifully designed and crafted. The ceramic bowl features a hand-painted cherry blossom pattern with exquisite workmanship. The single colorful ceramic handle is exquisite and stylish, non-slip, anti-scald, and easy to hold.

We offer the ceramic soup bowls with lids and handles in different colors: pink, yellow, blue, green. This Japanese style ceramic soup bowl has a capacity of 900ml and has a high quality silicone sealing lid.

The ceramic soup bowl with lid and handle is made of BPA-free material, keeping the container safe and healthy. The ceramic bowl is smooth and rounded for easy cleaning. The valve on the silicone seal cap seals the food better.

The ceramic ramen bowl with lid and handle can hold oatmeal, egg noodles, instant noodles, soup, cereal, fruit salad. Ceramic bowls can be heated in the microwave, do not put the lid in the microwave. Ceramic bowls with silicone seal lids are dishwasher, freezer safe.

Ceramic Soup Bowl with Lid and Handle Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer the ceramic soup bowl with lid and handle in different shapes. We can further process the ceramic bowls to make them meet the needs of different customers.

Most household bowls are made of ceramic bowls, and there are many advantages to using ceramic bowls.

Ceramic serving bowls are easy to clean after use. Plastic bowls are easy to pack, but difficult to clean every time. Cleaning plastic bowls not only requires a lot of detergent, but also has a greasy feel and a great smell after washing. Ceramic bowls are easy to clean without wasting detergent and water.

The ceramic has good stability and there is no danger of heating and bursting. The bottom of the ceramic bowl is usually marked with a microwave oven, which reflects the high temperature resistance of the ceramic bowl and can be used directly in the microwave oven, which also reflects the convenience of the ceramic bowl. When you need to heat food, you can use the ceramic bowl directly, and the ceramic bowl is easy to clean after use.

Ceramic soup bowls are durable and have a long lifespan. Bowls are used frequently in daily life. The chemical nature of the ceramic bowl is very stable, so it is not easily damaged by acids, alkaline substances, salts and substances in the air. Ceramic soup bowl with lid and handle can maintain a stable state for a long time, will not rust and age, and are always bright as new.