If you own a corporate company and training is a big challenge for you, only two options you look for. First, eLearning solutions. Second, off-the-shelf courses. Now, among these two pedagogical resources, which one suits your company’s learning objectives? Remember, we are not here to criticize either of them, but both of them have their pros and cons.  And we also know that many companies like yours will outsource Top E Learning Content Providers if you go with the eLearning option. However, off-the-shelf courses are also not very bad, and still, many companies use them to date. So, are you both OK with your company? When to use them and when not? Below are the answers.

Pick an Off-the-shelf Course or Outsource Top E Learning Content Providers?

There are many instances when you require both training resources. And sometimes only one is needed. So, which one is best for your company name? Read on and determine when you will require them.

1.     Unique training needs

It is a fact that 77% of organizations in the US are using eLearning solutions. But not the similar kind of content they are using. It is because every organization has their unique learning requirement. Some use them for product training, while some organizations require them for software system training or onboarding purposes.

So, in such cases custom eLearning solutions are the best solution that fits different learning objectives. But where to get them from? The E-learning services provider is the answer.

Now, if you compare it with conventional learning programs, your company has to invest capital to bring new books and learning materials. Then only you will be able to provide quality learning.

2.     On-demand solutions

This parameter is where digital learning providers and conventional courses get the same score. It is because service providers offer 24*7 technical assistance with on-demand eLearning solutions. And, in traditional courses context, most of the companies have their learning resources for years. So, whenever there is an urgency to start training sessions, both are available on time. It is just a matter of interactivity that determines the completion rate of training programs. Let us discuss below who wins the battle in terms of interactivity.

3.     Interactive content

Videos and other sorts of multimedia content are what your company can get from eLearning service providers. And it is a fact that 80% of learners worldwide prefer the same! Not just does it motivate learners to learn and acquire new concepts, but it also boosts their mental ability to ignite their innovative mind set. In a nutshell, creative illustrations grab your learners’ attention level.

On the other hand, conventional training programs also contain illustrations like images or print infographics. But it has certain limitations too. Once published, it cannot be either edited or modified. So, in terms of interactive customization, off-the-shelf courses lag behind.

4.     Generic content

Off-the-shelf courses and eLearning service providers both deliver generic content. Even both are recognized worldwide and industries them on a large scale.  If we talk about their content curation, SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are involved in both learning domains. They are proficient in every industry segment and provide informative, innovative and authentic content.  That is why eLearning solutions providers or publication houses have their in-house SME team.