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So it is the equivalent of the Spider Wand because RuneScape gold it has the same tier, it's the matching off-hand offensive weapon of the Spider Wand. And it let's the player throw spells with the off-hand slot machine since it counts as a weapon, just like if you had two swords for instance you'd have the ability to deal damage with the two. At your level you can probably purchase and wield Batwing btw, which can be even better and it's super cheap also.

Warpriest is the best armour in F2p but it is only obtainable by members... unless you engaged in the event several months ago which I doubt. It maxes out at grade 2 in f2p (had been nerfed by Jagex), so it's not really the best armor in many states. It's still possible to get adequate hybrid armor though, the ghost hunter armor (w/e it is called) is equally as great as you can get it from killing ghosts. Additionally there's dragonstone armor, but the price tag is pretty steep.

I thought it maxed out in tier 50. Finest f2p hybrid vehicle armour like he said was dragonstone, that is tier 60. By the way a World Event is forthcoming this summer (May or June I believe) so you ought to be able to grab some warpriest then. The last time you could get warpriest was ancient 2014. I supposed grade two or three tiers or whatever, don't know the lingo, just an 07 player dropping by. Warpriest armour is horrible F2P. It's grade 50 however, the stats are inferior to another tier 50'tank' armours due to being hybrid armour.

Warpriest is just acceptable if you do a great deal of multi PvP with clans/teams, not worth the trouble if you don't (except cape). As for the subject's question as others have replied already Batwing is the best Magic armour accessible to F2Pers, however you can improve your weapon(s) if you are currently using Batwing wand + book/shield. Gravite staff is significantly better and certainly worth getting if you don't plan to be a member anytime soon. It is a Dungeoneering reward worth 40K tokens, so it'll require getting 400K exp via regular training at the Dungeoneering skill.

Gloves and boots that you have limited options. They're not very good though, they provide Tier 50 Def stats because of being hybrid armour pieces.Was still finishing my article and performing double article edits, but old school runescape buy gold Leo submitted and destroyed it.

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