Diamond Painting Related Products suppliers 鉂€EXQUISITE DESIGN : We have designed 5 themes of bookmarks for you. They are : Cute Pet, Romantic Flowers, Colorful Butterflies, Mysterious Geometry and Dream of Hope. They are matched with 5 pairs of tassel in different colors . 鉂€THE ENJOYMENT OF DIY : Just tear off the film on the bookmark. Then, use a drill pen with glue to pick up the relevant diamonds and place them on the corresponding number area. Repeat this step until a beautiful bookmark is completed. It is very easy to operate. The DIY process can also enhance your hands-on skills and creativity. 鉂€BE USEFUL FOR READING : Our bookmarks are suitable for most sizes of books. You can use the bookmarks for storybooks, textbooks, exercise books, dictionaries, diaries, etc. The bookmarks can help you to continue reading from the previous page number. 鉂€FIRST CHOICE OF GIFT : Our bookmarks are the ideal gifts for people who love diamond painting, and are also very suitable for people who like reading. The bookmarks will be your first choice of gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine鈥檚 Day, Birthday and more situations. 銆怋EAUTIFUL FOUR SEASONS DIAMOND ART BOOKMARKS銆? This four sets of diamond painting bookmarks are designed to allow you to use these diamond art bookmarks correspondingly according to the changes of seasons.It's a sweet GIFT that enhances the relationship between you and others, very suitable for the diamond painting beginner and kids. 銆怘IGH QUALITY DIAMOND PAINTING KITS FOR BOOK LOVERS銆? These chic diamond painting bookmarks are made of leather with tassels, soft edge with delicate surface, durable and exquisite.The pattern itself has strong adhesion and plastic film, which can maintain the adhesion of the image and fix the diamond, so the image can be easily completed. Please remove the plastic film while sticking the diamond.Diamond Painting Related Products suppliers website:http://www.kshome-diy.com/diamond-painting/diamond-painting-related-products/