Peshawar is quite possibly of the most prepared and most beautiful metropolitan local area in the world. It's known for its regular business areas, astounding mosques, stunning plan, and obliging people. Anyway, what numerous people don't know is that Peshawar is also home to one of the greatest and most various housing social orders in Pakistan — Seven Wonders City. If you're looking for a spot to call home, Seven Wonders City is unquestionably worth a visit. It offers an extent of comfort decisions from single-family homes to rich condominiums. Likewise, it has all of the comforts you could expect, from remarkable schools to initially class clinical consideration workplaces. So if you're looking for a spot to call home in Peshawar, look no farther than Seven Wonders City. You won't be discouraged.


What is Seven Wonders City Peshawar Housing society?


Seven Wonders City Peshawar Housing society is an overall population that was spread out in the year 2007 with a fantasy to give quality and sensible housing to its people. The overall population has shaped all through the years into maybe of the most notable society in Peshawar. It offers a sublime extent of homes that are great for everyone, whether you're looking for a flawless home or an investmentproperty.


The overall population's homes are organized in ideal spots all over Peshawar and arrangement surprising viewpoints on the cityscape. You can find homes at bargain at various expenses, so there's something for everyone accessible. The overall population in like manner gives a large number of comforts and workplaces, including pools, young people's wilderness rec centers, clubhouses, and significantly more.


If you're looking for quality housing and extraordinary assistance, Seven Wonders City Peshawar Housing Society is positively worth considering.


How might it work?


Peshawar dwelling society is a classified affiliation which has been set up in 2004. It works in the lodging industry area of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The overall population incorporates hundred and 55 cushions and houses about 2400 families who abide inside its districts.


The overall population is isolated into six blocks explicitly Block A, B, C, D, E and F. Each block contains 36 cushions which are coordinated in six stories. There are no any typical workplaces between the blocks except for the lifts that help them all. Each level has its own water supply, squander structure and lift. Sewage treatment plants have similarly been presented at various spots inside the overall population to give quality sterilization to its inhabitants.


The social orders' point is to give magnificent living environment to its tenants by outfitting them with all crucial structure, for instance, water supply, drainage system, diversion concentrates etcetera.


Costs and charges


Peshawar Housing Society is maybe of the greatest society in Peshawar. It houses more than 6000 families and offers a large number of organizations including clinical benefits, guidance, banking and stores.


Support in the overall population is free for all certified families. Regardless, there are different blames related for support that ought to be paid to use the overall population's workplaces. These costs can move dependent upon which organization you require, but generally integrate a yearly charge for using the clinical consideration benefits, a month to month cost for using the preparation organizations and a charge for using the banking and stores.


The overall population has different boards that give additional benefits to their people. These sheets of legal administrators integrate the Warning gathering for Social Government help, Get-together for Fire Prosperity, Youth Endeavors Board, etc. Each leading group of legal administrators gives different comforts and benefits to their people, so taking a gander at each one going before partaking to get the best game plan is critical.


Organizations introduced by the overall population


Society offers a couple of organizations like housing, prosperity, guidance and sports. The overall population similarly directs different endeavors like clinical centers, schools and sports structures.


How to get enrolled with the overall population?


If you are looking for a property in Peshawar, the Seven Wonders City Housing Society is a phenomenal decision. The overall population was laid out in 2002 and has since shaped into one of the greatest housing social orders in Peshawar.


To get enrolled with the overall population, you truly need to introduce an application structure. The application cycle can expect up to a half year, but it merits the work in light of the fact that the overall population offers presumably the best properties in Peshawar. Whenever you have been supported, you will be sent an application design and enlistment guide. You will moreover need to wrap up an enlistment construction and pay an interest cost.


The benefits of being a person from the overall population recollect limits for property costs, induction to particular events and organizations, and need circumstance while purchasing properties. The overall population moreover has a 24-hour emergency response bunch that can help you with anything from fixes to security issues.




Seven Wonders City Peshawar Housing society is one of the most exceptional spots to live in Peshawar. The overall population offers charming homes at sensible rates, close by all of the utilities and comforts that a state of the art home should have. Tenants value splendid security, as well as 24-hour drive-in security, CCTV cameras, and permission to electronic doorways. Despite this, the overall population has a captivating wearing office complete with a lake, young people's play district, ball court, and that is only the start.