American Airlines started its passenger transport operation 89 years ago, making it one of the oldest in the airline industry. As for the question “ how do i choose my seat on american airlines” , for any concerns before or even after your trip with the airline, you can contact us by calling the telephone number.
In addition, there are other means that are also considered efficient to obtain support from the airline, but before we talk more about this subject, see how to proceed when calling the American Airlines customer service.

Press the first option for Miles Smiles
Press the second option to book a ticket
Press the third option to change or cancel the trip
Press the fourth option for miscellaneous subjects

Note: American Airlines offers 24/7 service, excluding national holidays. Contact the airline for suggestions, complaints or claims, and thanks.

Other Ways to Pick My seat on American Airlines?

Contact via social networks:

For virtual service via social media, contact American Airlines by clicking on one of the options below:
Note: When searching for social media, choose only valid or official pages.
Contact by e-mail:
In addition to Contacting American Airlines Customer service to open a case (complaint), you can also do so by sending an email to the available assistant.

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