Working on an online platform is not free from threats. The risk of scammers and hackers always moves around the investor’s mind. But, one cannot stop working on the online platform in this modern era where everything has switched to digitized.

Calling spade a spade, cryptocurrency trade is one of the riskiest and most dynamic categories added to the field of trading. Even though cryptocurrency exchanges are working hard and adopting industry-leading security standards but one cannot guarantee the non-occurrence of any kind of scam or hacking incidents.

So, here we will discuss the possible measures that one can take if his Coinbase login account gets compromised.

What to do when your account gets hacked?

When your account gets compromised, don’t be at a sea.

We are hereby listing some of the actions that the user has to take instantly if and when he suspects that his account has been hacked or compromised.

  • Safeguard your email: The very first step that you should take if you ever suspect that your Coinbase login account is hacked is to check whether you are still signed into your email account. If yes, then ask your email provider to shut down or change your email password.

Moreover, if you still have the access to your email account then you should enable 2-step verification if you haven’t activated it yet.

  • Update your bank details: We all know that, a bank account is linked to the Coinbase account for carrying out the trade. If an unexpected event took place on your account, make a move to change the bank password to restrict the hacker from making misuse of your funds.
  • Reach out to Coinbase support: Get in touch with the customer support desk of the exchange to submit your complaint over there by filling up the form. You can even opt to “Deactivate your Coinbase account”.
  • Inform the local authorities: You can even file a complaint to the police if someone withdraws funds from your Coinbase account using a third party without your permission.


While working on your Coinbase Wallet login account, you need to pay special heed to create a secure environment for carrying out the crypto trade. This is the main reason behind making users aware of not sharing any kind of confidential information with anyone.

But if unfortunately, under any circumstances your account gets hacked, then you can go with the above-mentioned actions. For More About:-Coinbase Wallet App | Coinbase Wallet