What exactly are Stainless Steel Flanges?


Since stainless steel is one of the metals that is used the most frequently nowadays, SS Flanges Manufacturer are necessary for joining pipes, valves, and other industrial equipment. Because of its physical characteristics, which include excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and other qualities, this metal performs better than a number of other metals.


Riddhi Siddhi Metal Impex, one of India's top producers of stainless steel flanges, was established using premium raw materials and cutting-edge technology in compliance with national and international industry standards. It is a prominent manufacturer of stainless steel flanges in India.


We offer SS Flanges Manufacturer in a range of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of our clients. We are also a leading manufacturer of IBR-approved flanges in India. We are manufacturers of stainless steel flanges and provide EIL-approved, IBR-approved, and numerous other stainless steel flange manufacturers.


We are also the best Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer in India & EIL Approved Flanges.             

Different Stainless Steel Flange Types:


  • Slip-On Flange: A slip-on flange is essentially a ring that is placed over the pipe's end, with the flange face extending far enough to permit the application of a weld bead on the inside diameter.


  • Weld Neck Flanges: On one side of the flange is a female socket into which the pipe is inserted, and on the other is a drilled flanged blade with a machined face. These flanges are often made of forged steel, just like the weld neck.


  • Blind Flanges: Stainless steel blind flanges are machined using solid forgings. Among many other items, we are also known as one of the top suppliers of high alloy steel blind plate flanges and carbon steel blind flanges.


  • Screwed/Threaded Flanges: Screwed/threaded flanges are machined from solid forgings. We are also well-known as one of the biggest providers of premium stainless steel threaded flanges, alloy steel screwed flanges, nickel alloy screwed flanges, duplex steel threaded flanges, and many others.


  • Socket Weld Neck Flanges: Stainless steel socket weld neck flanges are machined using solid forgings. Among the biggest suppliers of superior alloy and carbon steel socket weld neck flanges, among many other things, we are also well-known.


  • Lap Joint Flanges: Riddhi Siddhi Metal Impex is one of the leading manufacturers of lap joint flanges in Mumbai, India. Our Stainless Steel Lap Joint Flange was produced in compliance with national and international industry standards using premium raw materials and cutting-edge technology..


  • Long Weld Neck Flanges: Long weld neck flanges made of stainless steel are machined using solid forgings. We are renowned for being one of the biggest providers of premium long weld neck flanges manufactured of metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and others.

Flanges Application & Uses:

  • Flanges used in Transporting materials
  • Stainless Steel Flanges used in the Automotive industry
  • Flanges used in Homes and buildings
  • SS Flanges used in Sewerage systems, industrial water lines.
  • Carbon Steel Flanges used in heating, air-conditioning equipment.
  • Flanges used in Plumbing
  • Alloy Flanges used in Food Processing Industry
  • Flanges used in Paper & Pulp Industry
  • Flanges used in Food Industry

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