Highland clothing refers to the traditional clothing and accessories worn by the Scottish Highlanders, a historical group of people who lived in the Scottish Highlands. Highland clothing is often associated with tartan patterns and distinctive garments, such as the kilt, the plaid, and the tartan trews.

Here are some common elements of Highland clothing:

  1. Kilt: The kilt is a type of pleated skirt that is traditionally worn by Highland men. It is made of wool and often features a tartan pattern that is associated with a particular clan or region. The kilt is typically worn with a sporran, jacket, and ghillie brogues.

  2. Plaid: The plaid is a type of woolen cloth that is worn over the shoulder and fastened with a brooch. It is often worn by both men and women in the Highlands.

  3. Tartan Trews: Tartan trews are a type of trousers that are made from tartan fabric. They are often worn by men in the Highlands.

  4. Sporran: A sporran is a type of pouch that is worn at the front of the kilt. It is typically made of leather or fur and is often decorated with a metal clasp or tassels.