Our background remover tool is an excellent solution to remove unsightly and inconsistent backgrounds of vehicle images. Create professional car images in seconds to get a clear focus on the main subject.


The software offers an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with a specialized brush to help you target and erase the unwanted object. It also includes a range of sliders to control hardness and size.

Background removal for car photography


Unsightly and inconsistent backgrounds are a big turn-off for potential buyers, especially when it comes to car images. They make the vehicle look sloppy and amateurish, and they may even draw attention away from the car itself.


Thankfully, there are plenty of tools to help you remove background from car images. You just need to find the right tool that will work for you without affecting the quality of your image.


For example, Picsart’s Quicktools site lets you select any picture from your computer to quickly remove the background. It’s free, and it works incredibly well! If there are any areas it missed, you can use its manual editing tool to delete them.

Background removal for digital catalogs


Many ecommerce businesses sell products online and digital catalogs are an important part of this process. These catalogs provide customers with an in-depth look at the products, and are often shared on social media channels.


Using our background remover tool, you can easily remove unsightly and inconsistent backgrounds from your digital catalogs. This will help make them more attractive and consistent with your brand, enhancing their overall impact on buyers and visitors of your website.


Product photos are a key part of any marketing campaign and they should be as detailed and as engaging as possible. Removing the background helps showcase your products in a more realistic way, enabling buyers to gauge if they are a good match for their needs.

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In addition to making your images more appealing, removing the background also makes them much smaller and quicker to upload and load on platforms such as eCommerce websites. This is especially important for those who sell on mobile devices as most shoppers use their phones to search, review and purchase products.

Background removal for online marketplaces


Whether you’re selling cars, clothes or electronics products on Amazon, eBay or any other online marketplace, you need to remove the background from your product photos. This is a crucial step in ensuring that your images look professional and meet regulatory standards.


Removing the background from photos also helps to increase online consumer trust. This is because the background remover wipes away any clutter that might be distracting from the subject of the image.


It also ensures that your product pictures are uniform and consistent across all your e-commerce images, making them easier to upload and view. It significantly shrinks the file size of your product shots, resulting in faster loading and a smaller download time.


As a result, you’ll be able to sell your products faster and more effectively than ever before. Moreover, our tool automatically makes your product images transparent so that they adhere to all Amazon and eBay image guidelines.

Background removal for car dealerships


Car dealers need to have a strong set of images for their digital catalogs and marketplaces to entice shoppers into making a purchase. However, sometimes these images don’t look professional enough.


Fortunately, there are tools that can help remove unsightly and inconsistent backgrounds from your car photos. These can be helpful for a variety of reasons, including branding and customer trust.


These solutions use AI to apply settings and designs in bulk. This saves time, improves service and makes it easier for sellers to add a variety of design styles to their photos in one place.


For car dealerships, this means removing the background of photos for car advertisements and seller listings. This helps promote shopper interest and encourage people to buy their dream cars.


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