In the seventh year of Jian'an, Cao Cao broke yuan Shao and sent an envoy to the east of the Yangtze River. He ordered Sun Quan to send his son to the court. The right is indecisive. Mrs. Wu ordered Zhou Yu and Zhang Zhao to discuss the matter in person. Zhang Zhao said, 'Cao Cao wanted me to send my son to the court, which was the way to pin down the princes. However, if not to go, fear of its troops under Jiangdong, is bound to be dangerous. Zhou Yu said, 'The general has inherited the legacy of his father and elder brother, and is also a member of the six prefectures. He has enough soldiers and refined provisions, and the soldiers use their lives. Why should he be forced to send a pledge to others? As soon as he entered, he had no choice but to make peace with Cao, and when he was summoned, he had no choice but to go. In this way, he would be controlled by others. "It is better not to send it, but to observe its changes slowly, and not to resist it with a good policy." Mrs. Wu said, "Gongjin's words are true." Right then from its words, thank the messenger, not to send the son. From then on, Cao Cao had the intention of going down to the south of the Yangtze River. But when the north is not peaceful, there is no time to go south. In November of the eighth year of Jian'an, Sun Quan led his troops to attack Huang Zu and fought in the middle of the river. The defeat of the ancestral army. The Ministry of power will Ling Cao, light boat first, into the summer mouth, was Huang Zu will Gan Ning shot dead. Ling Caozi Ling Tong, who was fifteen years old at that time, struggled to seize his father's body. The right to see the wind and color is not good,Carbon in Pulp, the army also Soochow. Said the sun quandi waltman for Danyang Satrap, Yi nature just wine, drunk taste lash foot soldiers. The governor of Danyang, Gui Lan, and Juncheng, Dai yuan, often had the intention of killing Yi, but they became confidants with Bian Hong, a follower of Yi,Portable gold trommel, and murdered Yi together. When the county magistrate, all set Danyang, Yi banquet. Yi's wife, Xu Shi, is beautiful and wise. She is very good at divining the Book of Changes. She is a divinatory symbol of the day. It looks like a great evil. She advises Yi not to go out to receive visitors. Yi does not follow, hence the meeting. To the evening, the edge of Hong with a knife out of the door, that is, draw a knife to kill waltman. Kui view, Dai yuan is to blame the edge of Hong, beheaded in the city. The two of them took advantage of the situation to kidnap the concubines. When he saw her beauty, he said to her, "I am avenging your husband, and you should follow me. If you don't, you will die." Xu Shi said, "My husband has not been dead for a long time, and he cannot bear it, so he will follow him. When the day is dark, he will set up a sacrifice to remove his clothes, magnetic separator machine ,gold cil machine, and then it will not be too late to get married." View from it. Concubine Xu secretly summoned Sun Yi's two trusted generals, Sun Gao and Fu Ying, to the mansion. He wept and told them, My late husband was in Japan. He often said that the two dukes were loyal and righteous. Today Kui, wear two thieves, murder my husband, only to blame the edge of Hong, will be my home capital child maidservant is divided. He wanted to occupy the concubine again, but the concubine had already cheated him to calm his mind. Two generals can send a starry night report to know Wu Hou, one side set up a secret plan to figure two thieves, snow this hatred, life and death title grace! Say goodbye after finishing the speech. Sun Gao and Fu Ying both wept, saying, "We usually feel the kindness of the king of the mansion, but today we are not the victims. We are trying to take revenge.". Your ladyship's order, dare not serve! So he sent a confidant to report to Sun Quan. To the dark day, Xu Shi first called Sun, Fu two people, lie in the secret room Han curtain, and then set up a sacrifice in the hall. At the end of the sacrifice, he removed his filial piety clothes, bathed in incense, made up heavily and smiled calmly. He was very pleased to hear it. To the night, Xu's concubine please read into the house, set up in the hall to drink. Drink already drunk, Xu Shi is invited into the chamber of secrets. Lanxi, get drunk and enter. "Where are the two generals, Sun and Fu?" Xu shouted. The two men jumped out of the curtain with knives. Kui was caught off guard and fell to the ground by Fu Ying with a knife. Sun Gao killed him with another knife. Xu Shi Fu Chuan invited Dai yuan to the banquet. Member into the house, to the hall, was also killed by sun, fu. On the one hand, it makes people kill the two thieves and the rest of the party. Xu Shi then put on filial piety again, and offered sacrifices to Sun Yiling in front of the head of Kui Lan and Dai yuan. Not a day, Sun Quan since led the charger to Danyang, see Xu Shi has killed Kui, wear two thieves, is named Sun Gao, Fu Ying for the tooth goalkeeper, to keep Danyang, take Xu Shi home. Jiangdong people are all called Xu's virtue. Later generations wrote a poem in praise of it, saying: "Both talent and integrity are not found in the whole world, but once the evil returns, they will be destroyed.". Mediocre ministers die from thieves and loyal ministers, but they are not as good as the female husbands of Wu. Peter said that the bandits everywhere in Soochow were all calmed down. In the great river, there are more than seven thousand warships. Sun Quan worshipped Zhou Yu as the viceroy and the president of Jiangdong Navy and Army. In the 12th year of Jian'an, in the tenth month of the winter, when his mother Wu Tai was critically ill, she summoned Zhou Yu and Zhang Zhao, saying, "I am a native of Wu. My parents died when I was young, and I live in Yuezhong with my younger brother Wu Jing.". Later, he married Sun Shi and had four sons. When the eldest son Ce was born, I dreamed of the moon in my bosom; when the second son Quan was born, I dreamed of the sun in my bosom. It is said by the diviner that those who dream of the sun and the moon in their bosom will have their son Dagui. Unfortunately early bereavement, today will Jiangdong inheritance right. I hope you can help me with one heart. My death will be immortal! He also told Quan, saying, "You should not neglect the service of Zi Bu and Gong Jin with the courtesy of the master.". If my younger sister marries your father with me, she will also be your mother. After my death,gold CIP machine, I will serve my younger sister as I do. Your younger sister should also be supported by kindness and choose a good son-in-law to marry. The words come to an end. Sun Quan wept, with the funeral ceremony, since needless to say.