I don't know how long it took before the dust finally settled, the hall around people constantly climb out from the ruins, dusty face, staring at the situation around, and then see the opposite face of a black ash can not distinguish the original appearance of the people, this just realized what had happened before. Everyone has the feeling of surviving the disaster, subconsciously looking back at the huge mountain and sea statue in the distance, and then found that the mountain and sea statue, which originally looked towering and atmospheric, now seems to have gone through thousands of years in a moment, the smooth surface is suddenly full of holes, and there is no longer the majestic momentum that can only be seen from a distance before. In fact, this is just a mountain, a carved polished mountain, is still just a mountain, before, the reason why there is that kind of formidable momentum, in addition to the mountain is very high, but also because of the mountain attached to a wisp of divine consciousness, and at this moment, the God array was broken, that wisp of divine consciousness destroyed, the mountain, will become a mountain again. Everyone looked up at the mountain, looking at the idol which was full of holes and could hardly see its original appearance, and felt a little perturbed. Then they remembered something. They turned around and found that the white tiger and the rosefinch had disappeared. Ghost Ji stood there looking at the place where Qin Xiao and Mo Xiaoye disappeared, and the whole place almost fell into a dull. The hubbub in the hall isolated the people in the surrounding sects from her. The law enforcement elder of the Sea God Sect came forward and looked at the ghost girl. One of them spoke in a cold voice. Lord Gui Ji, you are responsible for guarding the rosefinch. The rosefinch escapes. You are responsible for guarding the blue dragon and tracking down and destroying the nine-tailed fox yuan Shen. You have not done so. The master is very dissatisfied. I hope you will go back to the Dark Devil Sea to reflect on yourself. Hearing this,coltan ore processing, Gui Ji seemed to suddenly come to her senses and slowly looked up at the law enforcement elder of the Sea God Sect in front of her. Her lips moved and her voice was dry. They are now.. Where She could not imagine how strong the power inside was in the space crevice of the amazing array. The youngest elder smiled coldly and said, "The battle array was set by the master himself. Even if the battle array was destroyed, the destination was naturally arranged by the master. Are you still dreaming that they can escape?" The strong sarcasm in the young elder's voice made the ghost more awake. She squinted at the young elder and then opened her mouth coldly. In that case, they are finished. The master's goal was also achieved. Then he ignored the law enforcement elders and turned his head and walked outside. Just went out two steps, in front of a person to block the way, the ghost Ji looked up coldly, see is a middle-aged man. Zhu Qing knew that he was not qualified, but he wanted to treat himself as a teacher and a father all the time. He stood up, looked at the ghost girl quietly, and spoke slowly. Lord Gui Ji, the goal has indeed been achieved, but. It was achieved after we paid the life of a great elder and destroyed the only ray of divine consciousness of the God array and the master. Maybe you still need to go back to the Dark Sea and explain to your master. Ghost Ji suddenly squint, quietly looking at the eyes of the bamboo green, behind him, the eight elders slowly gathered over. When the dust settled in the ruins, sodium cyanide price ,gold shaking table, the people in those sects only saw a wolf and the bad face of the shoe elder of the Sea God Sect. They did not hear the conversation of the previous moment. Until this time, they had subconsciously regarded the Sea God Sect as the savior of the world, and the two people who had been devoured by the Fright God Array before, as well as the people outside, But suddenly disappeared without a trace of the mythical beast rosefinch and white tiger, is the evil of the world. But there are exceptions. Shen Yu thought of the scene she had seen before, and then thought that she had saved herself, and her heart was filled with tenderness. Destroy the world? He raised his eyes and looked disdainfully at the two temple elders who were pretending to discuss how to cooperate with an elder of the Sea God Sect in the future, and in his heart he did not believe the so-called statement of the Sea God Sect. It is a joke to say that a scum like the elder of the Second Temple is a person who wants to destroy the world when she is used to cooperate. To destroy the world is also what the scum like the elder of the Second Temple would do. Obviously, the rest of the sects seemed to believe what the Poseidon Sect had said, and when they saw the mess of the Poseidon Sect at the moment and the gloomy faces of the elders, they just believed it more and more. Trust can not help but feel a little lucky, because, according to the people of the Sea God Sect, the two people who disappeared in the amazing array will definitely not survive. It is also possible that only Poseidon himself knows that the so-called people who are sure not to live are not necessarily finished. That Qin Xiao is indeed doomed to die, but that nine-tailed fox, their greatest threat, is not necessarily as they expected, no life. And now, the trump cards in their hands have been played out, in any case, there is no another amazing array or another ray of divine consciousness belonging to the gods of mountains and seas to support here. Not long after those spiritual sects returned from the Poseidon Sect, rumors about the extinction of the world slowly spread. Originally, not many people believed that this was just nonsense when some people were bored. However, within a few days, everyone found that the situation was not right. Originally, for people in the spiritual world, demons and ghosts are things that exist in the world. However, since when, they have found that the demons and ghosts around them have begun to run amuck, and the number has increased a lot. They do not know that they are all coming out of those old graves. At first, those people thought it was just an accidental phenomenon, but slowly, everywhere in the world, all sects found something wrong, it seems that the situation has been somewhat out of control. Those demons and monsters seem to have been premeditated for a long time, and have made an appointment to appear in the same world, making waves in all directions. Practicing sects were almost all mobilized, and even the government's special action department was alarmed and began to deal with it vigorously, but in the face of those evil spirits who did not know what fear was, such as panic, they were still somewhat weak. Only then did those people remember the rumor about the extinction of the world a while ago, and only then did they realize that it was not groundless. If not, if those mythical beasts do not want to destroy the world, they are still the strongest guardians of the world, then why,coltan ore processing, now this chaotic time, they do not appear to save time, disappear without a trace. ore-magnetic-mining.com