How To Implement Chatbot Software On Your Business Website


Advances in artificial intelligence have made it easier and more affordable to answer vital customer queries with a custom chatbot. Budding entrepreneurs know that the quality of the customer experience can make or break a small business in its early days. Implementing chatbot software on business website is necessary. Even business owners learning how to make a website as a beginner understand that customer service overheads can be too high when first getting a business off the ground. Recently, machine learning and language processing has narrowed the gap between human agents and virtual assistants in answering questions and solving customer issues.


Define the Chatbot’s Purpose - Research shows users are increasingly happy to talk to intelligent chatbots because getting an immediate response is the most important factor in assisting customers and website visitors. Whether it’s a simple welcome message, a basic FAQ bot, or a whole Facebook messenger chat widget, defining the purpose of chatbots means knowing where on the site it will go and defining the customer journey with that chatbot.


Choose Your Own Chatbot Platform - You don’t need to create a chatbot from scratch to improve customer service through conversational software. Companies are finding that it is possible to cut customer service costs by 30% with the help of a conversational AI bot. It’s easy to integrate chatbot software into your business site with the help of popular chatbot platforms such as WotNot, Intercom, Drift, and others.


Plan the Chatbot Conversational Flow - With the correct conversation flow, smart chatbots can fulfill almost everything users expect from a human customer support agent. Chatbot developers might do this in several ways. Using a rule-based chatbot, either from a bot builder, or creating a simple chatbot flow available on messaging platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, or Messenger, is the fastest way to build a chatbot. Simple chatbots and rule-based bots are familiar to most users and may follow a basic algorithm or even auto-direct customer requests to a different resource.


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