And early she clearly had a chance to shoot but did not, probably also want to have a good fight with him, at this time know that the odds are hopeless, just think of this last step! However, how could he give her a chance to shoot! A palm clasped her wrist, pressed hard on the rock, under the force of finger numbness, the pistol fell off, and then because in the water, the falling speed was very slow, Raksha broke away and hit it again with all his strength, his body took advantage of a slight gap in the other side's retreat, the other hand quickly reached out from his armpit, and snatched the pistol back into his palm! The speed was so fast that several people watching the battle in front of the screen almost didn't see it clearly! Jiang Hanlin was also shocked by her reaction ability! This wench is really tenacious and unyielding! Clearly the situation has gone, but still refused to surrender! What you want on the battlefield is this kind of strength. Don't give up until the last breath! Underwater combat is different from the particularity of land combat, turn around to escape only a dead end, rather than being shot from behind by the enemy, it is better to fight to the end! Raksha also wanted to fight to the end, but at this moment, she was exhausted and was completely supported by her tenacious perseverance. The pistol was recaptured by her left hand, and she raised it to aim at her opponent's head, but the keeper moved faster,glass cream jars, her body turned slightly sideways to dodge, and her long arm reached behind her. When Jin Xi realized the danger, it was too late, and the breathing tube was torn off by him! Without oxygen, Luocha's face turned red. Although in normal diving training, tiger sharks often unexpectedly tear off their oxygen tubes to train their adaptability and psychological quality in anaerobic environment, today's situation is different after all. The keeper was also forced to tear off her oxygen tube. This girl is too strong. She won't give up if she doesn't give her some strength. The breathing tube was torn off, and she was officially killed,Oil Dropper Bottle, which meant the battle was over. However, through the snorkeling mask to see her face quickly red, that pair of water glass eyes suddenly staring at him, that moment, he realized that something might happen! This wench, already supports to the limit! Suddenly in a panic, he installed the spare respirator as quickly as possible, but the next second he found a more serious problem! Chapter 840 life hangs by a thread. The blue whale in front of the computer screen saw this as well as the chief of the Navy. No, the female soldier's physical strength has reached the limit, the spare breathing tube is out of order, immediately send someone to rescue! Fearing that something would happen to the women soldiers from the army, Commander Gu made a prompt decision and immediately ordered. Yes The blue whale's face was equally serious, and he immediately pressed the radio communicator, "Reef One, go down four at once!" "Tiger Shark, Tiger Shark, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, please reply!" "Roger!"! I'm on my way to reef one! It takes at least two or three minutes to wait for the frogmen on the island to put on their diving gear and rush to the No.1 reef, but he can get there faster on the helicopter in the air. For two or three minutes, it may not be a problem on land, but at the bottom of the sea, decompression sickness can kill divers at any time! In the fight just now, both sides went all out and did their best. The diving breathing apparatus was on the back. The violent fight probably broke the spare breathing tube on the reef. Time is pressing, race against time, Jiang Hanlin has never been so nervous, half a second of hesitation did not, aware of the problem, he immediately went to pull his breathing tube. However, the arm was clasped, Jin Xi's eyes behind the mask silently stopped his movements, and then pointed upward with the other hand. With their current diving depth, if Jiang Hanlin also loses oxygen in an instant, he will also face the threat of decompression. Two people's physical strength is in a state of extreme overdraft, rather than two people facing danger at the same time, both lose the ability to save themselves, it is better to save one of them, let him use his remaining physical strength to take the other out of danger. This is more likely to survive! Two people eye contact, Jiang Hanlin understood her meaning, although very worried about her condition, but reason told her that this is indeed the most winning way! When her life is threatened, she can still make the most rational choice so calmly that Jiang Hanlin really doesn't know how to describe this little girl. Not daring to delay a minute, Jiang Hanlin's solid arm embraced her shoulder, and his flippers pushed their bodies upward. Girl, hold on! Don't let anything happen! Don't worry! Hold on! Both parties were wearing snorkeling masks and could not communicate with words. At this moment, he could only pray nervously in his heart, holding her shoulder with that arm. If the heart is on the same wavelength, she will understand his heart and hear his prayer at this time! Brocade Xi certainly understood, from the moment she looked at him, she knew that he saw something was wrong with him. Want to comfort her not to be afraid, she can insist, nothing will happen, but exhausted and anoxic state, she can not do anything. At this time, she needs to rely on Jiang Hanlin to be rescued, but also needs to stabilize her mood and calm her mind to save herself. In my mind, I tried to recall the essentials of daily training and imagine the scene of being buried alive by the blood shadow when I first entered the fangs. Her best time to hold her breath is five minutes, and she didn't die for five minutes, so she must be able to survive this time. She believes that Jiang Hanlin, believes that he will certainly hold out to the surface before the last second, believes that he will not allow himself to have something to do! In fact, Jiang Hanlin did it! With his almost dying comrade-in-arms, he took only two minutes and thirty seconds to float to a height of one or two meters above the surface of the water with his physical strength exhausted. Chapter 841 a passionate kiss breaks the crisis. In order to avoid the impact of the sudden drop in pressure on the body, Jiang Hanlin slowed down a little. However, the person in her arms was getting heavier and heavier, as if some monster was pulling her legs to take her away from her arms! Jiang Hanlin looked back and saw through the mask that her eyes seemed to close very slightly. No, don't! His eyes contracted violently,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, and he finally panicked, taking a deep breath of oxygen and tearing off his snorkeling mask with the other hand as fast as he could, and her mask with the other hand.