I have no power to fight back, I have no way, I only have a magic sword concussion ability to attack other stunts and the cost of blood, that ability is a process, alas, at this time I forgot my new skill crazy sword. This skill is long-range, but I don't know how long the cooldown time is. So I immediately opened the skill bar and looked at the cD time of Kuangyu Sword. Finally, when I saw the cD time of this skill, my hope came back again. Luck took me in her arms again. Although the lethality of Royal Sword is not as good as that of Magic Sword Shock, the cD time of this skill is only 7 seconds. Skill: Crazy Sword. Power: There is an 11% chance that an attack that deals 1.5 times the damage of the user's own will deal 2 times the damage. So I used my new skill to start a wild, stormy sweep of the damned vultures in the sky. Dear readers, thank you for your concern about the ordinary, the ordinary will pay attention to rest. Chapter 50 The Secret of the Black Spell (Part Two) The power of the mad sword is still OK, this small vulture defense is only 2oo points, and the blood is also poor. Each attack kills almost 1/3 of the vulture's Chi and blood. However, the vultures don't attack me, they just keep spewing out mucus. The key is here. The longer the time, the greater the danger. But then the damned eunuch finally stopped calling. Began to give me to come over to launch a fierce attack on me,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, bad Xiaoguai is good to say, but Li yuanlong and the attack power of Tai Chi should be above me. Although my defense is already very high, I will be finished after a long time. At the moment when the eunuch manager rushed over, he saw countless arrows shooting at the group of Xiaoguai. Damn, the emperor finally noticed. Guards and guards and countless archers were outside the palace ready to rush in, and the gates of the palace were opened with a crash. A majestic man in blue armor appeared in front of his eyes, and his head was clearly marked with a few big words. (General Bing, Wang De) "The bold evil spirit should break into the palace and kill people without mercy." As soon as General Bing gave the order, the imperial guards and the imperial guards swarmed in and began to fight with the monsters. Ding ~ System: "The player's sword has touched the continuous hidden task to protect the ice general from leaving the cold palace and playing the emperor.". Current task difficulty. I increased the difficulty by half a star. However, Blue Bottle Serum ,30ml Dropper Bottle, I looked at the attributes of the Ice General, that is, the attributes of ordinary players, and estimated that only one skill of the Boss could kill him. (General Bing) (Wang De) Rating: 35 Type: Bodyguard Boss Attack: 6 OO Defense: 2 OO Hit: 218 Evasion: 145 Hp:3oooo mp:5ooo Skill: Biting Wind Blizzard. Introduce: One of the general that the emperor trusts only is sealed to be (ice fire thunder and lightning). Of the four generals. It seems that if the protection of this ice general out of the cold palace, my task should be completed. Strive. Only then did I realize that I was still stuck by the mucus, which was really depressing, but the mucus had accumulated for half an hour. At this time, I have been using the mad sword to destroy the damn vultures crazily. But half an hour later, they were more and more. I don't know when it will end. Grandfather Guo Li yuanlong. I've known for a long time that you had the intention of plotting to rebel, but you didn't catch it until today. Today I will execute you on the spot. "Ha ha, what ice General Wang De.". I don't care about you at all. Do you want to stop me with your power? Hum, you overrated yourself. After listening to the black curse, Li yuanlong said that General Bing was not angry and killed those mobs by himself. However, my magic sword concussion can also be used to wait for the opportunity. Every time a vulture sprays mucus, it will gather together. As long as I seize the opportunity, I can kill them together. Sure enough, it's spraying mucus again. Unfortunately, I won't give you another chance. Hum. The magic sword is just. ***ing vultures, go back to hell. Boom The original pale and desolate scene of Leng Qing Palace was covered with a bloody light by the light fumigation effect of my magic sword. Ripples of sword gas exploded in the vultures. There are two consecutive damages on the head of the vulture-26548-23214. I saw those annoying big birds fall to the ground. There are only a few left, so it's easy to handle. It's a pity that these big birds are not interested in exploding piles of copper coins without exploding a piece of equipment. The money I have now is. Watching the vultures being killed in groups, the eunuch manager, Grandfather Guo, was furious and roared with his legendary sissy voice. Then he rushed to me and waited for you. The price of blood. With the hustle and bustle of the crowd, the waves of the sword gas burst with the light. Guo father-in-law is bearing the sword gas formidable damage, but suddenly on the head also appeared-35819 high damage. Defeated by the shock of the sword. A frantic whine, running around with his head in his hands. At this time, I looked at the battle of the ice general and did not lose blood. That's when I ignored I ignored the black spell Li yuanlong. Why didn't he do it? Oh, my God, when I looked in the direction of Li yuanlong, I was surprised by such a scene. Li yuanlong's body began to change slowly. The original black magic weapon had disappeared and was replaced by a bloody suit with a black cloak behind it. It makes people shudder. At this time,Serum Bottle With Dropper, Li yuanlong's eyes began to flow dark blood, and he immediately read out the incantation: "Great Demon Venerable, please let me worship with blood. You give me endless dark power." 。 penghuangbottle.com