China Dredge Gravel Pump suppliers Our History Hebei Delin Machinery Co.,Ltd. is one of the biggest pump companies specialized in manufacturing slurry pumps in China. It covers an areas of more than 40,000m2 in land and over 22,000 m2 in building. The products are mainly used for river course, mining, metallurgical, city planning, power, coal, FGD, petroleum, chemical, building material,etc. Besides domestic market, our products are well sold to over 80 countries and regions. Our Factory There is foundry, machinery shop, assembly shop with strong production capacity. And the Pump test station test capacity reach to 13000m鲁/h. Our company skeleton staff has more than 20 years production management and import and export experience, scientific research personnel 32 people, employees 174 people. Our Product The company uses advanced computer assistant engineering software to design products and technology, which makes our method and level of design reach international advanced level. Annual productive output of our products is 10000 sets pumps and 6000 tons on high chrome alloy castings. Main products are Type D dredging pump,DH(R),DM(R),DZ,DF(DHF),DV(R), DSC(R),DG etc. Diameter range: 25-1200mm, Capacity: 5-30000 m鲁/h, Head: 5-110m. The company can produce different materials including High Chromium White Iron, Super High Chromium Hypereutectic White Iron, Low Carbon High Chromium Alloy, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Grey Iron,etc. Also can provide Natural rubber, elastomer rubber parts and pumps. Product Application The pumps are suitable for delivering strong/weak abrasive, high/low density slurries in the metallurgical,mining, coal,and power industries,etc., for example, undressed ore, middlings,concentrates,tailings in ferrous and non-ferrous mines. The DG dredge pump is used for dredging in river, mining in deep-sea, desilting in reservoir and relamation by pump filling along the coast. Our Certificate The company implements 鈥?Comprehensive Quality Control鈥?strictly and has been approved ISO9001:2016 GB/T19001-2015 Quality Management System Certificate, GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015 Environmental management system Certificate , ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management system certificate.and also aprroved CE certificate. Production Equipment Equipment table Manufacturing Equipment ItemDevice NameTypeQty. 1Cement mortar mixerJJ-51 2Double disk infrared drying apparatus5GA-A1 3Vacuum type grinderRBG400D1 4Drive type grinder400mm1 5Hand push type grinder 3 6Bench drilling machineZ5161 7KGPS-DX KGPS-DX Electric furnace1.5T1 8KGPS-DX KGPS-DX Electric furnace3T1 9KGPS-DX KGPS-DX Electric furnace 10T1 10Q37 Hanging type shot blasting cleaning machine10T1 11Q38 Hanging type shot blasting cleaning machine800KG1 12Bridge crane20T1 13Bridge crane10T1 14Single girder crane10T4 15Single girder crane5T1 16Sand preparing machine 1 Manufacturing Equipment ItemDevice NameTypeQty. 17Mobile sand mixerS26201 18Arm continuous type sand mixerS24051 19Air compressorSF37A2 20Plasma arc cutting machine CUT-1201 21Plasma arc cutting machineCUT-601 22Electric welding machineZX7-2501 23Electric welding machineZX7-4001 24Electric welding machineZX7-500K1 25Electric welding machineZX7-500HD1 26Cut-off machineJ3GC2-4001 27Industrial electric furnaceHL-235SY1 28Industrial electric furnaceHL-236SY1 29Track flat wagonKPX-16T2 30Hydraulic lift platform03-9 31DillerZ3032脳10/11 32DillerZ3050脳16/11 33DillerZ3080脳25/11 34Gantry milling machineBXMQ2016B-11 35End millingX53K-11 36Horizontal milling and boring machineTX611C1 Manufacturing Equipment ItemDevice NameTypeQty. 37Boring millingTX6113C/21 38Center latheCA6140A1 39Center latheCA61501 40Center latheCW6163B1 41Center latheCW6164B1 42Center latheCWQ611251 43Dc-VbmC5240B1 44Numerical control Dc-VbmCK52251 45Vertical latheC5116E1 46Vertical latheC5116E1 47Vertical latheCK5116A1 48Vertical latheC5112A1 49Digital controlled latheCKA61401 50Motor test pumpDSB-161 51Bearing calorifierSWZJ20X-21 52NC vertical latheCJK52251 53NC latheCKA6140/10001 54Crown block30T1 Inspection Equipment ItemDevice NameType Qty. 1Analytical BalanceTG328A(s)1 2Visible spectrophotometer722N1 3Universal strength testerSWY1 4Chamber electric furnace4-131 5Arc combustion furnaceOFK-1A1 6S&C analysis meter 1 7Moisture meterKF-11 8Rotational viscometer NDJ-11 9Hydraulic universal testing machineWEW-300D1 10Electromagnetic micro seismic sand screenSSD-A1 11Pendulum impact testing machinesJB-300B1 12SpectrographGS10001 13Pump Performance testing station 1 Production Market Our slurry pumps have high reputation in the international market. Till now, we have provided more than 10000 sets of pumps for the projects in U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Canada, Russia,Vietnam,Pakistan, Kazakstan, Indonesia, Malaysia,Iran,Brazil,Chile,Argentina, Bulgaria, Zambia, etc. Our Service Our outstanding service fall into three main stages: Pre-sale service: such as technical consultancy service, pump selection service, proposal design service, etc. Our sales engineers and online service engineers are ready to answer any your technical questions and product requirement. On-purchase service: such as technical documents submission, QCP submission, progress report submission, supervision inspection coordination, etc. Our technical section, production section and QC section will submit all the required documents on time as per the contract. Our project manager will coordinate the related sections for customer鈥檚 supervision as per the contract. After-sale service: such as installation and commissioning, training, maintenance, spares supply, etc. We have professional after-sale service team consists of skillful technicians, specialist, interpreters, etc. They can provide prompt support to installation and commissioning, training, maintenance, trouble-shooting, and spare part supply, etc via e-mail, phone call, Fax, Whatsapp, Weechat, or go to the site as per contract and customer鈥檚 demand.China Dredge Gravel Pump suppliers website: