How to troubleshoot a Canon printer that constantly shutting down. In this instance, check to see if your computer has enough printer-specific software installed. Furthermore, check the wifi router's, printer's, and computer's wired and wireless connectivity. You can also right-click your printer model in the printer list in the desktop settings to check what it is currently producing. As a result, if a network outage is the root of the problem, keep reading to learn How To Put My Canon Printer Online.

Why is my Canon printer Offline?

Canon printers are well-known worldwide. Printers with advanced capabilities are making inroads into the IT industry as client demands and technology evolve. Yet, there is a common issue known as the Canon printer offline problem and How To Get My Canon Printer Back Online that affects all printers, including Canon printers.

There are a number of reasons why a Canon printer fails after an update. As a result, before attempting to solve the problem, you must first understand its nature. There are numerous reasons why your Canon printer isn't working, among them. The following is a list of some of the most common Canon printer offline issues.

  • There is no quick internet access for the printer.
  • The printer and PC are not linked.
  • The USB cord is not properly plugged in.
  • It is either not printing or is in standby mode.
  • Canon printer drivers that are no longer supported.
  • Place a hold on the printer.
  • WiFi is not available.
  • A printing job has been blocked and is waiting to print.

A number of factors could be causing the offline Canon printer problem. If you are unable to identify and comprehend the issue, you can seek Canon printer technical assistance.

How Do I Fix My Canon Printer's Online Status?

What is the problem with my Canon printer? How can I make it better? What causes a Canon printer to become unresponsive? You must be thinking about a few similar questions right now. We are well aware of this because issues may arise as a result of other circumstances or as a result of a computer system upgrade. We are aware that when a Canon printer displays an offline notice, users' printing jobs are immediately terminated. Here are some step-by-step steps to assist you resolve your issues:

  • Printers can be selected from the Settings menu. then check to see if your printer is connected.
  • If the printer isn't already connected, right-click it and choose "Use Printer Online."
  • Delete all active printing jobs. Choose Cancel All Documents from the Printer Menu. Your Canon printer may have malfunctioned due to a large amount of printing requests.
  • The printer should be turned off and left idle for a time before printing a test page.
  • After choosing the Spooler service from the Start menu, click the folder. Then, from the Print Spooler menu, choose Restart.
  • Click Printer Spooler again to select Properties. Choose Automatic in the Startup Type column. To save the changes, click OK.
  • Continue if the problems with the non-working Canon printer persist.
  • Navigate to Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds, then select the Devices and Printers folder to find your printer.
  • Choose "See what's printing" from the drop-down menu by clicking the right mouse button on the printer of your choice. Then, one by one, stop printing tasks.
  • To see if your Canon printer is still not working, print a test page. If you answered yes, you must reinstall the printer drivers and software.

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