The brand-new Canon TS3122, which has won a lot of praise for its outstanding performance and print quality, can handle all of your home and office printing demands. It is a wireless all-in-one inkjet printer that supports Google Cloud Print and AirPrint. With How to Connect a ij start canon ts3122 chromebook, you can wirelessly print from your favourite devices. You can wirelessly print documents and pictures from a desktop computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, and other compatible smart devices. You can print more pages than you need to with optional XL ink cartridges. You can also prolong the interval between ink cartridge refills. Get rich, detailed photographs and documents by using the FINE Hybrid Ink Technology. Configuration, installation, and setup You can manually connect the Canon TS3122 to WiFi.

Any device or operating system can be connected to the Canon TS3122 over WiFi to fulfil your wireless printing demands. Both at home and in the office, a Canon Pixma wireless setup can be completed. Go through the instructions on this page to set up your TS3122 wirelessly and to work through some of the most typical TS3122 problems.

How the Canon TS3122 configured?

You must first go through the process for the Ij Start Canon Ts3122 Chromebook in order to access all of its capabilities. The Canon TS3122 printer setup is covered in this section. Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection and write down the SSID and wifi key before installing the Canon TS3122. Now, carefully read the following instructions so you can manually set up the Canon TS3122 Wireless Printer:

  • Activate the printer.
  • On the printer, turn on Easy Wireless.
  • For a few seconds, hold down the Direct button.
  • Click Launch on the first screen.
  • Click "Yes" to confirm that you accept the licence agreement after choosing your area. After choosing a connection method, click "Next".
  • From the list of wireless networks that are available, pick your SSID.
  • your network key in the box.
  • Wait for the network configuration to be finished before following the directions on the screen.
  • Click "Finish" once the installation is complete and the Canon TS3122 has been configured.

You may print wirelessly and save the inconvenience of dangling cables throughout your house or business by using the instructions above to set up your Canon TS3122 wireless connection.

Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup | Connect the Canon TS3122 to WiFi

It is crucial that you first set up the Canon TS3122 by following the preceding instructions before we start the process of manually connecting the TS3122 to WiFi. You can use the Canon TS3122 printer driver CD to connect the printer to Wi-Fi if you have one. If not, you can download the Canon TS3122 printer driver from the official Canon website. Follow these instructions to find out how to get the Canon TS3122 connected to WiFi:

  • Activate the printer.
  • Verify that the router's WiFi indicator is blinking blue.
  • On the router, click the WPS button.
  • By inputting the network key, locate your wireless SSID and connect the printer to it.
  • Make sure the printer is successfully connected to WiFi and print the printer's network settings.

Refer to the Canon TS3122 User's Handbook if any issues arise while carrying out the aforementioned instructions. For comprehensive instructions on setting up the Canon TS3122 printer, using the Canon TS3122 printer that can be linked to my computer, and connecting it to WiFi, see the Canon TS3122 User's Handbook.

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