The security of your commercial property is a significant responsibility, especially regarding the outdoors. As the chill of winter gradually dissipates over the next few weeks, commercial property managers must uphold their commitment to safe, dependable grounds that meet the needs of every season. Taking proper care of your commercial property after a harsh Canadian winter will protect your employees, clients, and communities from potential hazards and your landscaping investments by lowering the risk of emergency maintenance fees. Spring cleaning and maintenance can sometimes be overwhelming for property owners due to the number of tasks that must be completed. This is the ideal time to get organized and handle spring maintenance on your rental properties promptly and effectively.

Properties must be prepared for the typically busy spring and summer seasons. Making your property look inviting and appealing is especially important this spring. Property managers should perform spring maintenance checks as the weather warms and schedule necessary tasks.

Examine the property for evidence of winter damage.

From potholes and debris to rotting trees and deterioration, it is critical to carefully evaluate your entire property's physical conditions each spring and fall. It is not uncommon for Canadian property owners to discover evidence of corrosion in the spring after a long season of snowfall and ice. In the event that repairs are required, seasonal maintenance routines will ensure that your property appears as professional to the public as possible and eliminate any risk of further property damage or personal injury.

Remove any potentially hazardous branches, litter, or debris.

Our trained professionals are dedicated to protecting commercial properties from potential hazards, from tree branches and litter to hazardous materials such as PPE and disposable gloves. By proactively removing any dangerous materials from the premises, commercial businesses not only provide a safer public space for their communities, but they can also maintain a professional, trustworthy image to prospective clients. While an unclean environment may give the impression of a neglected business, commercial property managers must consider their property's impact on safety and the overall business reputation.

Repair Cracked/Unsafe Parking Lots

As you might expect, a neglected parking lot can pose several safety hazards to local drivers and pedestrians. From potholes to deterioration, one small oversight can lead to disaster! To best protect your employees, clients, and communities, the commercial property maintenance team must maintain a high standard of safety when it comes to the quality of their outdoor parking spaces.

Remove Any Rotting/Dead Trees

The weight of heavy snow and ice can often wreak havoc on our outdoor environments during the winter. It is common to see the split, dead, and rotting trees as heavy ice accumulates due to the harsh seasonal conditions. These damaged trees will continue to pose a risk until they are removed, falling on a person, building, or vehicle, posing a severe safety concern. Because these issues can also be caused by harmful infestations and diseases, which can cause trees to die, commercial property owners must maintain their properties with seasonal maintenance and routine tree/shrub care.

Water Drainage / Irrigation System Upkeep

With a focus on health and safety, the commercial property maintenance team must understand the risks associated with poor water drainage and irrigation failures. From tripping hazards and flooding to underwatering and hardscape damage, stagnant water can also present a severe threat to virus and disease control as it provides ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes carrying vector-borne diseases. To maintain its safety and integrity, it is critical to schedule routine irrigation inspections to avoid the cumulative risk of any drainage issues on your commercial property.

Maintenance of Turf

While the end of winter can often leave your commercial property looking lifeless and neglected, a well-kept lawn benefits more than just curb appeal. Mismanaged turf can provide shelter and hiding places for mice, mosquitoes, and other potentially dangerous pests or vermin, posing a severe threat to health and safety. To best protect your property and community, include routine turf maintenance in your commercial property management protocols, such as fertilization care, leaf blowing and raking, branch clearing, and turf aeration.

Final Thoughts

Spring has arrived! That means more outdoor activities, warmer weather, and blooming flowers. However, it means a thorough maintenance check and cleaning following the winter season for your commercial property. We hope these spring commercial property maintenance tips were useful to you. Spring is ideal for refreshing, rebuilding, and revitalizing your property. Bring new life to your commercial building and provide tenants with a clean environment.

A well-kept landscape can enhance the beauty of any property. It provides a welcoming exterior to your residential property, while the benefits of landscaping are quite similar for commercial properties. However, the most obvious benefit of a beautiful landscape is its commendable presentation.